#teacher5aday #calendar 2018

#Teacher5aday Calendar is back!

For the fourth year running your build up to Christmas can be filled with well-being goodness. All you have to do is get involved with the next set of #teacher5aday challenges over the course of December.

Following on from the amazing success of the calendar last year, we have another fantastic array of #volunteers who have offered to host a day each of the calendar as we build up to Christmas. They will each open a door of the calendar to reveal their challenge with the aim to get as many tweachers and teachers alike involved in something that will enhance their Christmas cheer.


Following in the footsteps of Tim Clark’s excellent brace of #calendars

2016 Calendar blog –

2015 Calendar blog-

the #teacher5aday team of Santa’s little helpers have listed their activities below.

Your challenge should you choose to accept it is to take the #teacher5aday #calendar and place it somewhere prominent in your staff room. Each day print out the festive activity so more teachers who are not on twitter join in with the #teacher5aday idea that happy teachers + happy students = improved results.

If you want to participate on twitter as well, make sure you tweet a picture of you and your colleagues completing your daily challenge and remember to include the hashtags #teacher5aday and #calendar.

#teacher5aday #calendar 2018

Friday 30.11 Patrick Ottley-O’Connor – Make / Stick up your calendar in the staffroom to get the festive fun started #connect

Sat 1.12 Kathryn Morgan @KLMorgan_2 – 3 things you are most looking forward to over the festive period #notice

Sun 2.12 Kimberley Evans

Mon 3.12 Parent Hub @ParentHub_UK – Explore a new app or website #learn

Tue 4.12 Jade Lewis-Jones – Give yourself the gift of free time #notice

Wed 5.12 Patrick Ottley-O’Connor

Thurs 6.12 Julie Hunter @MsHMFL – learn and share a new festive fact today #connect #learn

Fri 7.12 Jane Thistlethwaite – have a family or games night #connect

Sat 8.12 Jade Lewis-Jones @JLJbusinessed – Go for a walk / swim / cycle #exercise

Sun 9.12 – Rachel Atherton

Mon 10.12  Roy Souter

Tue 11.12 Emily LP @emily_slade – Go on a tour of your local Xmas lights #exercise

Wed 12.12 Chris – make someone a hot drink and leave it on their desk #kindness #connect

Thurs 13.12 Bernie

Fri 14.12 Grapeblonebounce – remembering / thanking your family #connect

Sat 15.12 Sam at Schoolwell

Sun 16.12 Mrs H

Mon 17.12 Liz Allton

Tue  18.12 Char @misscharteach

Wed 19.12 Hannah

Thurs 20.12 Kim Baker

Fri 21.12 Helen P – Celebrate by singing carols with others #connect

Sat 22.12 Chris Reddy

Sun 23.12 Claire

Mon 24.12 Ritesh Patel


Wishing you all are Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Looking forward to your #teahcer5aday #pledges in January and more contributions to the #teacher5aday YouTube channel …….






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