On the 21st of May I posted a tweet explaining that I was contemplating bring back #pedagoohamsphire after a year off and some enforced hibernation.

To be honest it didn’t take much encouragement and on September the 11th I’m looking forward to hosting the next incarnation of #pedgaoohampshire this time at The Hayling College.

Hopefully by the time we get to the 2nd weekend of the new term we will have a clearer view of what life will be like in Step 4 and now that the venue is on Hayling Island we have our own microclimate and if necessary we will be able to run most of the sessions outside and take advantage of our extensive grounds.

Tickets are FREE for our 5th pedagoo event https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pedagoohampshire21-tickets-162089517109 and more information about the agenda and presenters will appear on this page over the summer. So far we have 30+ presenters ready to share some t and l tips with a focus on workload and wellbeing.

If you would like to read about our previous events https://martynreah.wordpress.com/2018/02/10/pedagoohampshire18/?preview=true you can see what over 1000 teachers got up to and how things have developed over the years for the event and the contributors.

Some people are considering making a weekend of it. The UK’s number 1 Kite Surfing and music festival takes place over the weekend https://www.kitesurfingarmada.co.uk/ and there are a number of hotels locally if you need any advice about where to stay.

#PedagooHampshire21 Presenters

Kristian Still @kristianstill

Teacher, Leader, Headteacher, Coach and Researcher – in that order. With twenty-four years education experience, the last two years have been predominantly spent teaching full-time, whilst developing, researching and road-testing the principles of Successive Relearning (Retrieval Practice + Spacing) at a multicultural, fully comprehensive school in Southampton.

Successive Relearning (Retrieval Practice + Spacing) – “What it is? Why it works. How to use it.”

The session will share with you what Successive Relearning is (and what it is not). If you are  interested in leveraging the “unequivocal” Agarwal et al., (2020) learning gains of retrieval practice – Successive Relearning will be of interest to you. If you are interested in helping learners retain declarative knowledge or vocabulary in your classroom and school wide – the session will be of interest to you.

Why it works – truth is, even the Cognitive Psychologists and researchers are, as yet, unclear as to why testing improves learning and long-term retention. I can only offer you a summary as to why retrieval practice is only one of two learning techniques rated by Dunlosky et al. (2013) as having ‘high utility’ for classroom practice. Why Dr Sean Kang recommends that we “re-encounter, revisit, review the information again and again.”

What we can explore thoroughly is how to use Successive Relearning and the boundaries of its effective use in the classroom. How Successive Relearning boosts students’ learning of course content by at least 10%, Janes et al., (2020).

Expect to get hands on. Download RememberMore from your app store. Group code: demoschool

Chris Eyre @chris_eyre

BIOG : Chris Eyre is a part time teacher of Religious Studies, a senior examiner, writer and CPD trainer. He has over 20 years teaching experience and was, for a number of years, Head of Humanities at a sixth form college. He is the author of Religious Studies A level textbooks and revision guides as well as ‘the Elephant in the Staffroom’, a 2016 book on teacher wellbeing

OUTLINE : Title -” Does this come with an off switch?” (AKA 50 Elephants are plenty!) A conversation around some of the key things learned since writing my wellbeing book ‘the Elephant in the Staffroom’ and my most popular blog #50isplenty. Where are we now nationally in terms of teacher wellbeing? What has Covid taught us? What simple things can we do to help ourselves? Practical takeaways for the busy teacher

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