#teacher5aday #pledge #2017

Is now the time to think about your well-being for 2017?

Could #teacher5aday help you plan how you might spend more time looking after you?


Based around the ideas in the New Economics “Five Ways to Well-Being” report included in the original #teacher5aday blog here http://wp.me/p4VbxY-6E you could follow the lead of other educators and pledge some more of your time for you to #connect #notice #learn #volunteer and #exercise in 2017.

Lots of teachers have also vlogged their ideas about improving well-being here http://wp.me/p4VbxY-nW.

This year I’ve shared some of my ideas about a #teacher5aday journal here http://wp.me/p4VbxY-mG which might help and if you need some more inspiration then the #teacher5aday pledges from 2016 and 2015 can be found here.

http://wp.me/p4VbxY-dc   http://wp.me/p4VbxY-7x


So far the following teachers have shared their ideas here. I hope you will be next.

2017 #teacher5aday #pledge

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  • Siddal Moor Pedagogy @SMPedagogy


  •  Chris Chives @ChrisChivers2


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  • Mrs Humanities @MrsHumanities

#Teacher5aday Reflections 2016

#Teacher5aday Pledges 2017

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  • Jaz Ampaw-Farr @jazampawfarr


  • Matt Hickey @headhighwood


  • Abbie Mann @abbiemann1982


  • Rachel Britt @felizz7


  • @hengehall 


  • Kelty Hollis @Houston_k


  • Niomi Roberts @Robertsniomi


  • Rachel Howarth @terminalteacher


Healthy regards,



p.s. don’t forget to check out the #teacher5aday YouTube Channel






#teacher5aday homemade #journal 

I’m a fan of the Cornell Note Taking technique. 

Normally used by my classes whilst watching a video clip about a geography case study. Notes are taken about the clip we have watched, then we discuss the ideas we have recorded and finally a summary is written. 

I’m also a fan of a sketchbook. Every year I’m amazed by the works of art created by our students. The care and attention that goes into their sketch books is always superb. We also run a wide variety of after school clubs as part of the Eggar’s Experience at our school. Teachers provide clubs for the students to attend based on their passions. The scrapbook club run by the RQT in maths looked like great fun where even more amazing pieces of art were created.

This year I’m going to combine all of these ideas and create a homemade journal of my #teacher5aday year. The note taking will I imagine take many forms. 

Using the prompts #connect #learn #exercise #notice and #volunteer I intend to record my achievements. This might be once a day, once a week or once a month depending on how the mood takes me. Creating something analogue in a digital world.

I have realised that with a can do attitude anything is possible. Having taken part in Jenna Lucas’ #teacher5adaysketch I surprised myself by what I was capable of. My ability to draw improved when I practiced. My inner voice tells me I’m not an ‘arty’ person but my sketchbooks from this year now tell a different story. The support I gained from being part of a team and the encouragement of others made all the difference.

So as you think about your #teacher5aday pledges for 2017 grab a cheap sketchbook from Tiger (other shops are available). 

Could your first page be the handwritten version of your pledges this year? 

Will creating a journal / scrapbook focus you on your achievements, keep you on track and grateful for your progress ? 

Will being part of the #teacher5aday team make a difference to your 2017? 

I hope so.

Why do teachers always count the days down to their next holiday? 

I challenge you to write down the things you have achieved this year.

Make a list.

On a piece of paper with a pen or pencil now.

Focus on the positives.

Don’t do the teacher thing and let your mind drift towards the negatives.

How many things did you write? More than you thought?

This review of my year is about enjoying every day of it. About noticing the achievements of each of the 365 component parts. About how I’ve become more connected and learnt many things about myself and others both in and out of school. About how looking after me as NOT just a teacher has changed my approach and helped me become more open to new ideas and people, more confident and happier.

A habit takes a while to develop. Some people say 66 days. Others say as long as 254 days. With this in mind I wanted to explain a little bit about how I developed my #teacher5aday this year and how trying to do one thing well has influenced my thinking.

The idea that teacher and student well-being is different sides of the same coin came from Sue Roffey’s superb 2012 paper and has inspired the development of #teacher5aday since it started in 2014. The idea that spending more time on me might improve the well-being of the students I work with still resonates strongly now.

I love listening to Vivienne Porritt talk about how we develop as teachers and her view of how we change our practice. To focus on one thing. To take our learning from a CPD session and then do something with it. This year at Pedagoohampshire 16 she explained how experienced teachers develop their behaviour management skills over years of deliberate practice. Not necessarily something an NQT can pick up during an after school session. More like sustained learning over time to develop some habits that work.

Andy Cope’s contribution to the #teacher5aday #wintercalendar also got me thinking. After reading his brilliant blog I was reminded to think about cherishing achievements and events rather than counting down the days to the next holiday. This works perfectly for me as we approach the end of 2017 a natural period of review.

Two years ago Vivienne’s first keynote in September 2015 at Pedagoohampshire 15 got me thinking about doing one thing well and developing a healthy habit. She invited / threatened the audience to take their learning from the day and do something with it. After a failed attempt to start running the previous year (one 10k completed in Eastleigh) I decided I would do one thing well and focus on five gentle jogs a week for a year. To improve my well-being which would have an impact on the well-being of the students around me. I had read that thirty minutes of running would make a difference so rather than training for a race completing it then stopping,  I wanted to make running part of my daily routine.

As the year ends my first thoughts are what I didn’t achieve. I’m not sure if this is a teacher thing. Years of looking to improve with little time to celebrate. Rather than focus on how far I’ve improved I’m looking back at the periods of time I didn’t achieve my target. It might be my personality or how I approach my work and life but even after a great year I’m drawn to the times of poor performance.

Maybe it us just my age…..

I am now a runner. I would recommend it to anyone now. The health benefits are well documented and if I can do it then so can anyone. I started with the couch to 5 k and in September I took part in the Macmillan OutRun month and beat my May distance of 150 k by 50 k. The little and often technique worked very well for me developing my running habit. An early morning gentle jog set me up for my day both physically and mentally. I’ve met some amazing people and shared many a mile deep in conversation. I’ve also explored places in a different way enjoying the view as I go. Rather than counting days until a holiday I’ve counted runs in a week. Not interested in a distance or time more enjoying the moment for what it is. A sweltering day in June followed by a dip in the open air pool or a sub zero romp around a geothermal town in Iceland.

Even though I haven’t achieved my original plan of 52 weeks of gentle jogging (yet) I now can pull on my trainers and enjoy something I didn’t used to be able to do.

So what is your celebration of #teacher5aday 16 all about?

How have you developed a healthy habit?

How have you enjoyed counting the days but not towards the next holiday but as someone who enjoys term time. Maybe just in one different way.

Right enough writing I’m off for a run.

#Teacher5aday #SlowChat4

A Week of Well-being Chat – Bringing the DfE Reducing Teachers Workload Report to Life

After the success of the slow chats in 2016 during the Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays #teacher5aday #SlowChat returns in the new year this time after we all go back to work. Running from Monday the 9.1.17 until Saturday the 14.1.17 there will be no better way to start your new year resolutions than by thinking about your well-being and how you can plan for the term ahead and beyond with the support of like-minded professionals?

Dip in for a day or take part in the week.
The mains discussions will take place before and after school.

  • Questions will be listed each morning from 7.00 am based on the blog (and hopefully Vlog) of the day and teachers are free to contribute to the discussion when they can fit it in including an evening session chat hosted from 4 – 8.00 pm each night.


#Teacher5aday #SlowChat 4 will involve a variety of teachers sharing their views and ideas about the importance of well-being based around the findings of the workload report


Each day will be themed around the report including days dedicated to the effective use of data, making marking meaningful, manageable and motivating and developing strategies to streamline planning.

If you need an inspiration look at how things developed this year.

Teacher5adaySlowChat 1 – A Week of Well-Being


Teacher5adaySlowChat 2 – Developing Healthy Habits


Teacher5adaySlowChat 3 – From Learning into Development


Who is involved?

The six fantastic educators below will lead a day and share their ideas about data, planning and marking as listed below.

Hopefully the blogs and subsequent discussions will link and reference #PedagooHampshire 16 and 17 and will follow on from Vivienne Porritt’s @LCLL_Director challenge to change one thing and develop a habit this year.

Monday 9.1.17 – An introduction to the Reducing Teachers Workload report – Kathryn Morgan @KLMorgan_2


Storify of day 1 tweets https://storify.com/bethben92/teacher5aday-slowchat-4-day1-with

Tuesday 10.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and marking – Zoe Paramour @ZoeParamour

#Teacher5aday Day 2 – Managing Workload & Marking

Storify of Day 2


Wednesday 11.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and planning – Rachel Atherton @AthersScience


Storify of day 3 


Thursday 12.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and data – Miss Fod @fod3


Storify of day 4


13.1.17 – Strategies to improve well-being using #teacher5aday related to the Reducing Workload report -Siddal Moor 

Pedagogy @SMpedagogy 

Storify of day 5 https://storify.com/bethben92/teacher5aday-slowchat4-day-5-with

and a weekend special from Vicki Vincent @MissVicki_V


What do you need to do during the week?

  • Read the blogs
  • Tweet your views about the questions posted each day
  • Ask your questions about each subject
  • Enjoy connecting with people interested in the well-being debate
  • (Remember to use the #Teacher5aday #SlowChat4 hashtag)

How can I continue after the week is finished?

If you would like to start your own #teacher5aday some helpful tips can and reviews can be found here –

  • The original #teacher5aday post


  • Original research evidence from @NEF


  • A guide on how to get started with your #teacher5aday


Thanks to all for getting involved and see at the start of the new term,


#teacher5day #retreat #surrey #feb17

Fancy a weekend in the Surrey Hills 17-19.2.17 for £75 including some CPD with a difference?

Join me and a few #teacher5aday buddies for a relaxing break where you can reflect on your own #teacher5aday with the intention to go back to school refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energised.


A CPD event with a difference the #teacher5aday #retreat will be delivered by (current practising) teachers for teachers and based on the original principles of #teacher5day including the main idea that teacher and student well-being are different sides of the same coin https://martynreah.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/teacher5aday/ .

Time to readdress the balance?

Based at the field study centre at Juniper Hall in the Surrey Hills


we will meet on Friday evening for a “social get together” and an introduction to the weekend. Saturday (all day) and Sunday (morning) sessions will be based around the five areas of #teacher5aday –

  • #connect
  • #learn
  • #notice
  • #exercise
  • #volunteer

and will also include time for personal reflection.

Optional running sessions will be available on Saturday and Sunday mornings aup Box Hill (Surrey) will take place on Sunday morning so don’t forget your trainers and walking boots if that’s you thing.

Thanks to the very generous support of the field centres the inaugural #teacher5aday #retreats will cost £75 and will include all meals, bed linen and towels.

Meals included –

Friday:                  Supper

Saturday:             Breakfast, Packed lunch and Supper

Sunday:                Breakfast and packed lunch

Places are limited so ticketing information will be released soon via Eventbrite.

The nearest train station to Juniper Hall is Boxhill and  West Humble which is a mile away from the venue.

Hopefully see you in February.


#teacher5aday is 2

As part of the next steps for #teacher5aday and the 2nd birthday celebrations I have decided to take the step to move onto YouTube. Running up to the 2017 and the third year of January themed #teacher5aday pledges I thought it would be interesting to try a different way to get the well-being message into more classrooms.


2t5adyThe idea involves teachers sharing a 5 minute video with hints and tips on how to improve well-being. A simple and broad brief.

I’m still of the opinion that happy teachers will lead to improved outcomes for students and I hope that as the channel develops the ideas behind the ” Reducing Teachers’ Workload” document


and will to include practical ideas shared by teachers for teachers. Ideas to develop the effective use of data in the classroom, real marking strategies (that are meaningful, manageable and meaningful) and ideas to streamline planning  which will hopefully go hand in hand with teachers talking about how they use #teacher5aday to think of themselves first, even if it is just for a few more minutes a day.

To find out more Vicki Vincent @MissVicki_V has kindly created the first #teacher5aday vlog which explains things in a little more detail.


So far we have 65 #volunteers who are in the process of creating their vlogs to share in January. If you would like to join them and have an idea you would like to share please get in touch (@martynreah).

As we approach the end of our second year can I thank everyone who has been involved in sharing the ideas behind #teacher5day which has now been viewed on my blog over 35,000 times. Hopefully inspired by the new YouTube channel and the teachers who have shared their pledges in 2015 and 2016 I hope I will be reading more pledges in the New Year about how you intend to look after yourself in what is an extremely rewarding and challenging vocation.

2016 pledges


2015 pledges




Do you own your own learning & CPD? – the rise of ‘Guerrilla CPD’! @ottleyoconnor

In my 30th year as a teacher, 25th as SLT & 13th as a head teacher, #pedagoohampshire16 will be my first Pedagoo or Teachmeet type CPD.  Although I’ve previously considered participating in this type of event, it took @MartynReah & the #teacher5aday team to push encourage me to engage.


Over the years, I’ve attended countless school based meetings and CPD events; however, I’m scratching my head to remember more than a handful of sessions that really impacted upon my development.  The standard ‘one-size fits all’ approach to CPD is dead…or at least it should be!

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I’m evolving from supporting & perpetuating a ‘spoon-fed’ culture of CPD for the masses to one of ‘Guerrilla CPD’!  If you like, a self-led approach to CPD, often sourced & performed in an impromptu/informal way to really meet the bespoke needs of individuals.

As a head, I thought that I ensured all staff accessed relevant & engaging CPD, until I realised the arrogance of that viewpoint.  I might as well have said to staff, ‘I know what’s best for you & you’’ll take your medicine whether you want to or not!’   Although some whole school CPD (e.g. safeguarding) is essential, it shouldn’t be the dominant approach.

Last week I was privileged to speak at the 3Es Conference @ISHCMC in Vietnam.  Teachers & leaders from SE Asia & Australia came together for CPD to ‘Enthuse, Engage & Empower’ each other.  The 250+ delegates, who approached their own learning with the same gusto & passion that they have to enthuse, engage & empower their students, enjoyed bespoke CPD owned, directed and delivered by participants.  It provided a powerful & multi-faceted blend of ‘Inspire Talks’ & workshops dovetailed with networking & reflection opportunities.  Although the brainchild of Head of School Adrian Watts, a team of talented leaders including @Shettattsam @HelenPhilip & @Suzanne20433725 coordinated an inspirational ‘Google-esque’ participant owned CPD event.

So…without realising, I appear to have migrated from much of my early traditional style formal learning through M.Ed. & NPQH towards the experiential style of SSAT Aspirant, New, Experienced & Executive Head teacher qualifications, to what is now a much more flexible & collaborative bite-sized approach to my own CPD.

My own CPD is now blend of:

  1. Facilitating sessions & programmes for quality organisations such as @FutureLeadersCT & @TeachingLeaders;
  2. ‘Sharing the love’:
    1. by engaging & collaborating with powerful personal learning networks on Twitter such as #SLTchat #UKGovchat #teacher5aday (including its many spin-offs), etc.
    2. by coaching & mentoring many aspirant, new & experienced middle leaders, senior leaders & head teachers
    3. by engaging with online educational research & blogs
    4. …and apparently now dipping my toe into a Pedagoo!

As a head I now try to model learning behaviours to inspire & empower staff to seek the most impactful training opportunities for their own development.  One person’s ideal format for CPD might be another’s nightmare!

Leaders should stop ‘doing’ CPD to staff!  Instead we should establish & communicate a strong values driven vision with clear priorities and then genuinely aspire to enthuse, engage and empower staff to seek the best way to make a difference for learners.  Instead of accepting the spoon-fed diet of a dated ‘one-size fits all’ model, the expectation should be that staff take ownership of their own CPD.

Although my view is still evolving, I believe that the competencies & characteristics demonstrated by a colleague who owns their CPD should be:

Has a values based vision:

  • Has passionate conviction
  • Enjoys personal challenge

Prioritises own learning:

  • Is a strategic thinker
  • Keeps focus
  • Drives self-improvement

Perseveres & is resilient:

  • Seeks disruptive innovation
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Prioritises wellbeing

Has a simple approach of Plan – Do – Review – Repeat:

  • Is analytical & a critical thinker
  • Uses initiative
  • Is a team player
  • Develops own potential

Gathers information & gains understanding:

  • Seeks new learning opportunities
  • Asks questions
  • Makes sense of knowledge
  • Collaborates & shares

Finally, whilst leading an academy out of Special Measures last year (in category for over two years), the HMI wrote in his report,

Curriculum leaders told me that you have ‘liberated’ & ‘freed them’ to lead .” 

One leader wrote in a leaving card,

“…you are an empowerer & enabler of people to become their wild, courageous, brilliant selves and I thank you for that.”

I like these reflections of my leadership approach to CPD!

I’m optimistic about what I’ll take from #pedagoohampshire16 and hope that it will continue to shape my approach to my own CPD.

I’ve just started as the Interim Principal at Essa Academy, so I hope that the staff will hold me to account for this approach and help create to a bespoke staff-owned culture of CPD!


Patrick Ottley-O’Connor

Founding Director: Collaborative Leadership ltd