Plans for national #teacher5aday week 2020 (30.11 – 4.12)

Have you got the date in your school diary yet?

I think by the time December arrives we will all be in need of some wellbeing multivitamins!

Perhaps you could look at some ideas for your leadership team to get involved with this term?

The plans are taking shape for this annual week of all things wellbeing. This year I am very pleased to announce that we will be working in partnership with The Teacher Empowerment Project and The Bupa Foundation. If you haven’t looked at these excellent sites then now is the time.

On the site you will find an entire section based on wellbeing including the excellent Dr Lucy Kelly explaining the “Reimagining the Diary project” which is having such a positive impact on the lives of 70 teachers this term in phase three of this exciting pilot.

On the check out the “Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day​ (10 October 2020)” activity that all students would benefit from this year. For staff look at the “Wellbeing for Educators Programme” which will help you cope with life’s pressures and enable you to make positive choices.


What’s not to like? A practical, evidence-based programme which can help you make a positive difference!

If you would like to get involved then please get in touch. I would like to know from people working in schools what they would like to see included in the week. Who would you like to listen to? What would you like to learn?

If you are a company in education that share the same values then now is the time to get involved with this exciting project.

The week will follow the five element of #teacher5aday based on the “New Economic Foundation Five Ways to Wellbeing”. In their most recent report they identify that,

Latest: Read about Five Ways to Wellbeing during the Coronavirus crisis.

“the evidence base around the influencers of well-being is growing. Having strong social relationships, being physically active and being involved in learning are all important influencers of both well-being and ill-being. By contrast, the processes of giving and becoming more aware have been shown to specifically influence well-being in a positive way. A combination of all of these behaviours will help to enhance individual well-being”.

With that in mind I ask you all to consider 5 different activities during the first week in December and see what happens?

Monday will be focused on #connect

Tuesday #notice

Wednesday #learn

Thursday #exercise

Friday #volunteer

If you need any ideas then have a look at the outline plan from last year here

The exciting news is that this year we will have some content for you to build into your CPD offer this year courtesy of The Bupa Foundation and on The Teacher Empowerment Project website.

  • The Bupa Foundation will run an online wellbeing session based on their personal energy programme. It is a full 90 min session and it is FREE!
  • They will host some webinars and some online Q&As with their expert clinicians with topics including :
  1. Mindfulness #notice
  2. Eating for wellbeing #learn
  3. Supporting your family/young people #connect
  4. Self-care #volunteer
  5. #Exercise for wellbeing (and it is FREE!)
  • While wellbeing isn’t competitive (!!) The Bupa Foundation are offering to run a competition for participation which may include some prizes such as SmartDNA kits (worth c£140 which give you tailored info to optimise personal wellbeing covering diet, mental health, exercise and sleep) or health assessments (worth c£400+) and some of Dr Lucy’s diaries.
  • Finally we think people will really value hearing others’ stories and experiences, so working with the #teacher5aday steering group we will be offering an online session with a panel of 5 teachers who will share their wellbeing adventures.

The purpose of the week is take take #teacher5aday off social media and into every staffroom in the country. Can you help?

Perhaps a happy and healthy school is an option and this week could help improve the wellbeing of you, your colleagues and then the wellbeing of your students?

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