How to get involved in national #teacher5aday week (2.12.19 – 6.12.19)

Plans are coming together for the first week in December.

The first national #teacher5aday week!

Five years on from launching #teacher5aday at the SSAT National conference instead of presenting at the teachmeet this time #teacher5aday has reached the main stage. A five day focus for leaders and teachers to develop a positive approach to well-being. A start of something which will hopefully become a regular event in school calendars across the country.

National #Teacher5aday Week

The aim of the week is to celebrate the successes of the previous five years. To bring all of the best elements of #teacher5aday from social media and into as many staff rooms across the country as possible. To curate and create a festival of well-being and provide a one stop shop for busy teachers and leaders across the country to find resource which will have an impact on their well-being and that of their colleagues. Working with the amazing team behind National Careers Week #NCW2020 a website is under construction to host all the resources which will allow the well-being conversation to continue after the 6th of December.

The week will be themed around the five aspects of #teacher5aday which was based on New Economic Foundations 5 ways to well-being .

Monday #CONNECT Tuesday #NOTICE Wednesday #LEARN


Dr Sue Roffey has started the conversations for leaders and leadership teams to consider about getting invovled in the week. As an individual taking responsibility for your self care you can also delve into the archives to start your own version of #teacher5day by following the advice in this how to get started guide

Before the party gets started a series of slowchats will be hosted to help generate some ideas for leaders and teachers to take forward into their school. Context is everything and improving well-being can not be a bolt onto school culture. Additional activity without an understanding of abandonment would be an issue generally and during this week particularly.

This build up to the national week in December will be preceded by a week of well-being chat for each of the five elements starting on the 28th of October. Each week will start with the main idea about “how do you help others? – well-being begins with WE” followed up with ideas and discussions about how to develop self care in your organisation under the five main themes.

(WB 28.10.19) Week 1 #CONNECT hosted by Martyn Reah

(WB 4.11.19) Week 2 #NOTICE hosted by Bukky Yusuf

(WB 11.1.19) Week 3 #LEARN hosted by Rachel Atherton

(WB 18.11.19) Week 4 #EXERCISE hosted by Mal Krishnasamy

(WB 25.11.19) Week 5 #VOLUNTEER hosted by Tina Murray

Blogs and key questions will follow this month for each week. The idea of the #slowchats is to be part of a a weeks worth of well-being chat. To provide a “how to guide” for each element of #teacher5aday based around the themes above. To help create collective ideas which can be implemented in the national week and beyond. Rather than like some other twitter based chats a slowchat takes place over a long period of time rather than a half hour of rushed conversation. Join in from 7pm on twitter each night and use the hashtags to keep in touch and contribute e.g. #teacher5aday #SlowchatConnect. Examples of previous slowchats can be found here to give you any idea or two.

If you would like to know more about the steering group or #teacher5aday pledges for this year details are in the links below.

Pledge –

Steering Group – Inaugural Meeting

If you can spread the word beyond social media even better. How about orgainising a teachmeet on Monday the 2nd to help people connect and start the week in the right way.



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