#miniped the follow up to #pedagoohampshire18

Now that the dust has settled after #pedagoohampshire18 how will you take up Vivienne’s annual challenge of turning your learning into development?

After four great years sharing ideas of teaching and learning infused with wellbeing we would like you to spread the word a little further this year with the introduction of #miniped. During January or February could you recreate the feel good sensation of #pedagoo by hosting an event yourself. When the days are short and the nights are long what would be better than the positivity boost from like minded professionals supporting each other?

Your #miniped could be a collection of people enjoying tea and cake sharing a learning conversation from #pedagoohampshire18 or it might be the start of something like @litdrive, #teacher5adaybuddybox or your very own book, where your learning begins to take shape to develop into something that will support lots of teachers and in turn their students.

After all …

Happy teachers + Happy Students = improved outcomes.

Using Vivienne’ s model (in the photo above) this year’s impact will be bigger and better than ever before with the tentacles of #pedagoo spreading further and wider keeping the conversations going. Let’s keep the main thing the main thing and focus hard on improving student outcomes whilst thinking carefully about improving our own wellbeing at the same time.

Feedback not marking?

Joint planning to reduce time spent?

Removing pointless data collection?

I hope you take up the challenge and organise an event. Take it from one who knows the more you put in the more you will get out. Tweet your intial ideas today, tomorrow and this week using the #miniped and #teacher5aday hashtags. Let’s keep the positivity going into the depths of the autumn term. How will your learning become development in 2019?

If you are interested in carrying on #pedagoohampshire and would like to be part of a team to help organise the 2019 version please get in touch via Twitter. A few people have expressed an interest and many hands will make less work.


One thought on “#miniped the follow up to #pedagoohampshire18

  1. Thanks for the info. I am up north (west) and feel I would like to develop a little network of teachers up here…I have just set up a blog (www.lifelovesandlearning) and want to share ideas about wellbeing in school (and other things) as there’s not ever as much going on in these parts. Just not sure where to start (even with organising a miniped)…is there anything I can do to be involved in what you’re doing…


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