The final details are ready for #PedagooHampshire18. Our 4th annual teaching and learning conference at Eggar’s School in Alton.

43 teachers and educators have taken up the challenge from last year and will be sharing their work on improving their practice with outcomes as their starting point. The #teacher5aday themes have run through each event and this year I’m really looking forward to learning and connecting more than ever.

If you would like a ticket details are here


Keynote Details

I’m very pleased to announce that Sue Roffey will be delivering the keynote this year. Sue has pioneered work on well-being in both Australia and the UK and was one of the inspirations behind #teacher5aday.

Find out more about her work here http://www.sueroffey.com/


Sue has spent much of the last seventeen years in Australia where she founded the Wellbeing Australia network and developed the Aboriginal Girls Circle – a program for Indigenous young women, based in the Circle Solutions principles and pedagogy, which is proving to be an effective intervention for developing healthy relationships, resilience and student responsibility. She is now back in the UK where she is focused on the Growing Great Schools project to addresses whole child, whole school wellbeing – including the wellbeing of teachers.

Sue is in demand as an international speaker and consultant. She is a prolific writer and several of her books have been translated. Read Sue’s most recent blog on Wellbeing as Core School Business: What it Is and Why it Matters, and her article in the Guardian Education on the UK Report on Behaviour (15th Feb 2012).

A full list of her publications is here: Sue Roffey Publications

She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Editorial Board of Educational and Child Psychology.

Follow Sue on Twitter: @SueRoffey

Ticket Details

This year I have decided to charge £10 to reduce the impact of dropouts. Last year I turned people away as our school hall has a limited capacity and despite my best efforts we still had spaces left on the day. All donations will go to the school PTA who have bought kits for our sports teams with your kind donations over the past couple of years.

To see how things went last year look at the #Pedagoohampshire17 page here


and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Thanks for your continued support,




Cassandra WisePreLunch Presentation: How technology can save you one hour per day, per week (so you can re-balance your work/life!)


What is artificial intelligence and how is it impacting students and teachers in our schools? How will it impact you? How can you use it to improve the quality of teaching and learning in your school? How can technology save you time, rather than being an additional task, adding to your already heavy workload.

Workshop session to follow: Online Learning and Assessment: What Does the Future Hold?

A practical session on the platform that can save you up to one hour per day, per week. See how easy it is to use. Discover that the future of education is right here, right now. Cassandra Wise will be doing the keynote and workshop and our colleague Paul Leahy will be on hand as a CENTURY representative.

Cassie’s Bio: Former STEM leader, e-learning coordinator and Physics teacher. Passionate about educational technology, inspiring young people to enjoy science, maths, technology and computing and improving the teaching of these vital subjects. Cassandra gained her masters degree in Physics with Professional Experience from the University of Exeter and gained QTS with the University of Southampton. She worked as a researcher in the field of lasers and optics at the Optoelectronics Research Centre and the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratories

Max Bullough, Carloyn Hughan and Leah Crawford @think_talk_org


Session outline: Once upon a time there were three English teachers. They worked hard, cared for their students and their colleagues and over time were grateful to receive promotions. But they never stopped reading stories.

In leadership positions, they were asked to make judgements of their colleagues and of teachers and leaders in other schools. Quality assurance is important, they thought. There’s no harm in that.

But they began to feel uncomfortable. As they had never stopped reading stories, they would hear and see stories in a school that were being ignored. Trying to capture why a school was working or not working shouldn’t be the job of an outsider. Surely the school held many stories within it. If those stories could be told and heard and pondered, wasn’t that the way for the school to know itself better and become better?

The Leadership through Narrative team, Max Bullough, Carolyn Hughan and Leah Crawford will share their approach to narrative school review and how it has already helped school communities to build a more generative future. The session would be of interest to leaders at all levels in all school or college contexts

J Learwood @MrsJLearwood


Session – Learning to Love Ourselves – The Art of Self Care

Summary: In the struggle to be our best teaching selves, it’s quite easy to forget that we are more than just teachers. Day in, day out, we look after our students’ wellbeing – academic, pastoral, emotional – but who looks after us? With the pressures on teachers mounting, its essential for us to take a second to think about our own wellbeing, ensuring that we dedicate the same love and care to ourselves as we do our students. Although there is no immediate solution to the dichotomy between the ever mounting teacher to do list, and needing to take time for ourselves, there are measures that can be put in place to try find a better balance. My talk will explore ways for us to encourage colleagues (and ourselves) to take guilt free steps towards effective self care.

Bio: Originally a London based English and Drama teacher, I relocated to a private through school in Southsea as the teacher in charge of drama. As the effects of poor mental health and black dog days have been an ever looming shadow, I’ve made a conscious effort to involve myself in teaching and learning communities (within the school and outside of it). Now that I’m in my sixth year, I’ve realised that the eagerly awaited ‘it’ll be easier next year’ never comes; teachers are hardwired to push ourselves beyond our limits in our endeavour to ensure we can be everything our students need of us. All too aware of how detrimentally theses external pressures to perform can be, for both teacher and pupils, I use my subject and experience to try encourage wellbeing and mindfulness to my school community.

Ros Farrell @RosFarrell1


Session – Ethical education – is it for me?

Having taught in and lead mainstream primary schools I joined Educate Together Academy Trust in 2014. We now have 4 schools in the UK offering our unique ethical curriculum called Learn Together to primary aged children. At our session we will explore how establishing the schools as ethical organisations and teaching ethically can lead to a better work-life balance, enrich the curriculum, engage the children and also help achieve high academic standards.

I spent 15 years working for a multi-national company before taking a short career break. I took a PGCE and taught in primary schools, spending some time as a LA primary maths and MFL consultant. I have been a headteacher for the last 1314 years and am now Executive Head of Educate Together Academy Trust as well at headteacher of the first ETAT school. We teach a unique ethical curriculum and have a strong equality ethos whilst also having a rigorous approach to standards.

My talk is about being an ethical teacher and/or leader. How do we stay true to our own ethical code, how do we know what it is? If we keep faith with this we will be happier, more relaxed and more confident in what we do and how we act in our work. I will also discuss how we can teach ethics in the classroom and help children work out their own ethical code and moral purpose.

Lorna Taylor @JollyBack


Lorna Taylor is a Chartered Physiotherapist, specialising in occupational health, ergonomics and paediatrics. She’s been working within education for over 10 years. Known as a sincere and active campaigner for improved health and wellbeing, health promotion and injury prevention, Lorna developed the Jolly Back chair for early year and primary teaching professionals. She speaks regularly at national events, contributes to research and also enjoys her role as a secondary governor (linked to SEN, PP and MA).

Session – The new “Musculoskeletal health in the workplace: a toolkit for employers” – Education sector specific

Learning Objectives:

  • To have a thorough understanding of the new national toolkit “Musculoskeletal health in the workplace: a toolkit for employers” created by Public Health England and Business in the Community.
  • To be aware of the impact and costs of musculoskeletal problems to employees and employers.
  • To understand the importance and benefits of good musculoskeletal health (MSK) for employees and employers.
  • To be able to identify MSK risks to employees with the education sector.
  • To be aware of the interconnected relationship between MSK and mental health.
  • To be able to recommend practical advice to create a “Musculoskeletal Healthy Environment”


  1. -help reduce the risks of MSK problems
  2. -help maintain those with existing problems in work
  3. -aid recovery where possible
  4. -promote health and wellbeing throughout schools you support to benefit employees and employers (and the children and young people we serve).
  5. To know where to go for further advice.

Ilse Fullarton @kidshealthuk


Session – How can we have a true impact on children’s health and well-being

Taking into consideration the challenges schools face, and pupils face, what sort of impact can we really expect to have on children’s health? What can we do as teachers to make the biggest difference? This session will explore positive changes we can be making in school to best support our pupils to thrive in the modern world

Gemma Singleton @MrsSingleton


Session – Stretch and Challenge in Science

Stretch and challenge for all is a session that will offer practical tips and ideas for challenging all learners regardless of their ability. This session will offer strategies that work with SEND AND higher achieving students. This session looks offers practical strategies that can be easily embedded in the classroom or even as part of teacher CPD.

Gemma has been teaching science for the past 13 years. She started her career teaching in Hull and ventured down to Surrey in search of the next step. The move enabled Gemma to develop her skills in all aspects of school life from a KS3 coordinator to head of department, head of year, director of teaching and learning, a chartered science teacher and is now enjoying the role of director of Science for The Beacon School and the teaching and learning lead for Science across the GLF multi academy trust. Gemma has recently gained accreditation for a specialist leader in education for science as well as completing her Masters of education in leading innovation and change. Gemma has a passion for making science accessible to every student and is excited to share her ideas of how to support lower attaining and SEND students in the new GCSE. Email:gsingleton@thebeaconschool.co.uk

Anita Devi @Butterflycolour

anita 2

Anita is Founder & Director of ADL, a company focussed on bespoke innovative solutions to capacity-build in education. She is a trustee for Healthwatch, a Regional Lead for #WomenEd and chairs a social enterprise. Anita’s expertise is utilised by The UK National Commission for UNESCO (UKNC). In 2017, Anita was awarded The Influential Educational Leaders Award. Anita is working to towards completing her PhD in 2020, but equally she makes time after 5pm and weekends to chill out with family and friends. www.AnitaDevi.com

Session – Does my current class really include a future Prime Minister?

In this session, I seek to explore our notion of future aspirations and what that means in the now. I consider how classrooms need to involve to create and support #ChangeMakers As an SEND Specialist, I am not just focusing on the more able, but diving deep into our constructs of ‘Inclusion’ now and in the future. The workshop style format will allow us to collectively unpack SDG 4 of Agenda 2030. Attendees will leave with practical takeaways to transform their classrooms from crucibles of communication to innovation incubators for maximising human potential through active learning. Are you up for the challenge?

Mal Krishnasamy @malcpd

Mal final

Session Rapid & impactful coaching skills in 40 mins!


  1. How to build rapport in less than ten mins!
  2. Explore a range of coaching models to get on the path to becoming an ‘Agile Coach’
  3. Build your list of powerful questions to challenge & empower your coachee

Bio: I am a former senior leader of ten years in a variety of London schools leading Teaching & Learning & CPD. As an education consultant, I specialise in leadership development, coaching in schools and SMSC. I support educational leaders to create a self-sustaining culture of professional development through Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) recognised coaching & leadership development courses or bespoke on-going support. I introduce, sustain and embed a coaching culture in to organisations; training all staff in coaching skills and enabling leaders to inspire, challenge & empower their teams. I also devise bespoke leadership programmes for schools and am a Leadership Development facilitator at the Institute of Education for the NPQML/SL courses. As a passionate advocate of both staff & student well-being, I am an independent SMSC consultant at the Citizenship Foundation and a member of the Steering Group for the National SMSC Quality Mark. I am also a Regional Leader for WomenEdSE and the Dorset Advocate for the MaternityCPD Project & a Healthy Toolkit Advocate. I am a former senior leader of ten years in a variety of London schools leading Teaching & Learning & CPD. As an education consultant, I specialise in leadership development, coaching in schools and SMSC. I devise bespoke leadership programmes for schools and am also an NPQML/SL trainer at the Institute of Education. I introduce, sustain and embed a coaching culture in to organisations; training all staff in coaching skills and enabling leaders to inspire, challenge & empower their teams. As a passionate advocate of both staff & student well-being, I am an independent SMSC consultant at the Citizenship Foundation and a member of the Steering Group for the National SMSC Quality Mark. I am also a Regional Leader for WomenEdSE and the Dorset Advocate for the MaternityCPD Project & a Healthy Toolkit Advocate.

Victoria Hewett @MrsHumanities


Session – This year Victoria will be sharing her journey with mental health from breakdown to recovery. Poor mental health is a growing issue within the teaching profession and Victoria feels passionate about driving down workload and helping teachers to manage work-related stress. In this session Victoria will share her experiences, the impact on her mental health and her journey to recovery. Along with the strategies she has implemented to reduce workload and improve wellbeing.

Bio – Victoria is better known as the twice nominated UK Blog Awards Finalist, Mrs Humanities. Currently Head of Geography and previously head of Humanities. Creator of #teacher5adaybuddybox and collator of #MagpiedPedagogy. Victoria is passionate about wellbeing, feedback and reducing workload.

Jean Knapp @MissJK24319629


Jean Knapp has had a career in Mathematics teaching over 22 years (involving her first post in Greenwich and 7 years as a Mathematics Coordinator/Lead Teacher and AST in Hillingdon). Jean has been involved in Mathematics Consultancy for the last 14 years (starting in Hillingdon LA) delivering hundreds of courses and in-house school development, writing publications for the DfE and BEAM and delivering conferences all over the UK and one in Cologne in Autumn 2018. Jean has also worked as a Primary Mathematics University Lecturer at Kingston University for 7 years and in 2018 made the decision to return to a part-time school post, combining classroom teaching with consultancy.

Session – As both teacher and consultant she has been constantly interested in how we crack the barriers to support children in solving word problems. Word problems are not going away, language is increasing in our Mathematics curriculum. Answering questions such as, is it time to ditch RUCSAC? Are numberless word problems a solution? What role do verbs have in our assessed curriculum? Which methods assess understanding?

Many of these ideas were shared in April 2018 BCME and used throughout my current teaching and consultancy. This will be a chance to debate and share ideas tried and tested.

Website available in the next few weeks.

Clare Erasmus @cerasmusteach


Clare is a secondary school teacher at Brighton Hill community school, who is widely recognized for helping spearhead mental health and wellbeing strategies in schools. In 2015 she was one of the first in the country to be appointed in the pastoral role as The Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing for a large comprehensive secondary school in Surrey. She was also announced as the runner up for the 2015/16 Community Champion Award. The Community Education Awards recognised Clare for making an outstanding contribution to helping children become positive community members. Clare delivered in April a TEDXNorwhichED talk with her daughter, Rosie, on the concept behind the values for #FamilyMH5aday.

Session – I’m a teacher who works 5 days a week. This also means at least a few hours at the weekend to stay on top of it all. With pressing deadlines and daily exhaustion Sometimes it felt easier to disconnect from my family than make real time connections It was not long before the warning signs were there and I realised I was going to lose what was most precious to me …..

#FamilyMH5aday is about taking back control in your life and prioritising the mental wellbeing of your family through living the GREAT-values . In this session you will explore YOUR version of the GREAT-values and have something to take back home ……to make a start ….

Kiran Satti and Vivienne Porritt @ViviennePorritt @KSunray3


Session #10%braver to #Pressforprogress

Description: Womened is a grassroots movement travelling at full throttle changing and shaping lives. In our session, we will explore #womened impact on teaching, leadership and wellbeing. Our work is grounded by our values and so we will interrogate the idea of authenticity and how #womened enables teachers and leaders to focus on their why and move forward. How can you focus on your why and move forward? It starts with being #10%braver.

Amanda Fleck @AJTF71

Amanda Fleck Bio photo

Session – Language and literacy demands of KS3 and KS4 science and the implications of this on the accessibility of assessments in science.

Amanda is an educational consultant and a part-time science teacher based in South London. Amanda has two decades’ experience of teaching science from KS2 to KS5 in and around the London area. Her current lead PiXL science associate role involves visiting science departments across the country to provide support and advice on effective leadership and teaching strategies. Amanda combines this with coordinating the writing and production of science resources for PiXL science and the delivery science specific CPD for PiXL and a number of other training companies. After three years as a consultant Amanda is delighted to be returning to work full time in a school in September 2018 leading on science and whole school assessment.

Philip Anderson @dukkhaboy


Session – “Mindfulness in the classroom and the staffroom”

I am on twitter as @dukkhaboy and have a blog which is www.dukkhaboy.wordpress.com

I teach at St Edmund’s which is a girls secondary modern in Salisbury. I am head of Geography but also teach mindfulness to year 10 in the curriculum, have been teaching mindfulness in some of our feeder schools to year 5 and 6s this year and have recently started teaching the MBSR mindfulness course to staff. My presentation is aimed at anyone who wonders if mindfulness might be useful for them personally and their own well being or who wants to know how mindfulness can work in a whole school setting.

Kat Howard @saysmiss


Bio: Kat is an English teacher in a secondary school situated in South Leicestershire. In her sixth year of teaching, Kat worked as an Area Manager in the banking sector. In between teaching and baby juggling, Kat founded and runs Litdrive, a collaborative shared resource bank for English teachers worldwide. A strong advocate for professional coaching and all things collaborative, Kat spent her maternity leave undertaking the MTPT project accreditation for her CPD and has just returned to work.

Session: Ten Things Babies Taught Me About Teaching

Not just for those with small folk to take care of, this workshop will explore the different ways that maternity leave allowed Kat to find balance and forge out her own CPD. Packed with practical strategies that you can take away and implement into your own day-to-day teaching and CPD, the workshop will focus on various time-saving (and effective) ways to find balance for yourself as a teacher.

Abbie Mann @abbiemann1982


Abbie is Head of English at a state school in London. She has 10 years teaching experience and her debut book Live Well, Teach Well was a number one bestseller on Amazon this year. As a promoter of the #teacher5aday initiative, she plays an active role in improving the wellbeing of teachers both in her own school and across the UK by sharing ideas to support staff and schools. This year, her focus has been on leading change in a very successful English department, whilst also keeping a sharp focus on the wellbeing of both staff and students alike.

Session: Teaching to the Top in English

This session is all about stretching the minds of the young people we teach. It will focus on practical ideas that promote challenge and progress for all students no matter their starting point. Teaching to the top doesn’t require hours of planning, countless differentiated tasks or endless individual marking. Come along to steal some ideas and, of course, share your own.

Kay Bowen and David @kay90bee


Session – David and I are going to talk about building trust as leaders, in leaders and through leading.

My ‘bio’ is that I am a veteran triathlete of no repute, a generalist Primary teacher who accidentally always got to lead Maths, now learning how to be a Headteacher, having led St John’s for two full on years. I love outdoor learning, risk taking education, community learning, real life learning and building up teachers to believe in themselves. I can never answer the question about my favourite year group to teach as I love teaching them all. Currently enjoying building our team through living our value of trust, and exploring how that looks in leaders. Going to try to talk, with David, our deputy head, about trust in our leadership team and beyond.

Tina Murray @mrstinamurray


Bio: I have been teaching for nearly 23 years, wearing a multitude of hats. My current roles are Lead Teacher; Coach; TEEP trainer; Mentor and Teacher of Science. I’m a mum, a crafter, an all round positive thinker and I love what I do. Teacher well-being is an issue close to my heart and I never stop learning.

Session: Creating and sustaining a culture of peer coaching.


  • To share experiences of current coaching practices
  • To share the benefits of peer coaching and the effect on staff well being
  • To explore barriers to peer coaching
  • To discuss ways to implement, develop and sustain and coaching culture in schools.

So that we can build our teachers up, using the amazing wealth of expertise that already exists in all schools. I hope you will be able to leave with a set of ideas for moving your school on, whichever point you are at in the peer coaching journey.

This is most definitely a workshop for sharing and developing solutions. Come and join us.

Robert Brooks @ScienceLP


Session Title: Supporting Trainee Teachers and NQTs over Initial Hurdles

Bio: Robert is currently a Lead Practitioner in Science for GLF Schools in Surrey and has worked in three secondary schools in London and Surrey with responsibility for improving progress outcomes in Science. As a PiXL Science Associate, Robert has contributed extensively to resource writing and presenting at PiXL Science conferences. Robert has also presented at various Teach Meets, such as #TMLeatherhead. Robert has worked as a Science Subject Consultant and is an Examiner Team Leader. Robert is an experienced NQT, PGCE and SCITT mentor and assessor. From September 2018, he will be working as an Associate Assistant Headteacher leading on School-centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) for the GLF secondary schools. Robert has a passion for recruiting, training and retaining excellent teachers.

Helen Blanchard @blanchhistory

helen b

Session – My first year as a SENDCO and my experience of managing/meeting need for students with SEND.

I’m a secondary SENDCO in a large Catholic academy in the north of Birmingham where I have worked for the last six years. I took up the position of SENDCO at the start of the current academic year following three years as a HoY.

Adrian Bethune @AdrianBethune


Adrian Bethune is a Healthy Body and Mind Leader and teacher at a primary school in Hertfordshire. He was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal at the House of Lords on the UN International Day of Happiness in 2013, and has been on stage with the Dalai Lama and Lord Richard Layard in 2015 talking about teaching happiness in his school. Adrian is author of Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom (Bloomsbury, Sept 2018) and founder of www.teachappy.co.uk

Session – ‘Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom‘ – why is the wellbeing of pupils and teachers important and how can you weave wellbeing into your teaching practice? This talk shares the ‘science of happiness’ and gives practical ideas to put into action.

Drew Morris @drewmorrisok


Drew Morris has been teaching Drama for 12 years. He has been a Head of Department and more recently Head of Year. He has just taken the step into SLT at the Aureus School in Didcot as assistant headteacher, leading on community and transition. He has a keen interest in pastoral, behaviour for learning, character education and global citizenship.

Follow @drewmorrisok @AureusSchool

Session – How can we develop our pupils into true global citizens?

Exploring ideas and tools to develop citizenship in your school.

Julian Dance @DanceWhyNot


Bio – A science teacher of 10 years teaching at various school in Hampshire and Surrey and a Head of Science for the last four years, I have a deep interest in Science Education and how we continue to encourage pupils to pursue a career in STEM subjects. Currently, one of my main interests is using research evidence about metacognition to shape and develop Science teaching practice, encouraging children to think ‘deeper’ and develop more resilience in the classroom.

Session – The heightened demand and challenge of the new GCSE’s in Science requires a different approach to teaching new skills and knowledge. Children need to be better prepared to be able to think ‘out of the box’ and as teachers we have to help them develop better skills that support problems solving and unfamiliar contexts in Science. At Eggar’s School we are currently building a Science curriculum which aims to do just that, based on a model of Precise Learning and innovative approaches to teaching in the classroom. Pupils need to be able to apply the new knowledge they acquire to develop innovative solutions to problems using their skills and independence of thought. Developing a model of teaching coupled with the opportunity for children to really have a think about ‘what’ and ‘how’ they are thinking has got us all thinking about what it is we really need to teach and how to best go about it. I look forward to sharing with you some of the highlights and challenges we have met in implementing this approach to teaching and learning.

James Mosley @Jmosley_history

james twit

Bio – I am a history teacher (with 5 years experience) one of my key roles is the literacy coordinator for the department with a focus on improving literacy and oracy. I also organise and run TMSouthHistorians which arranges a TeachMeet organised by History Teachers for History teachers. I am passionate about Teaching and Learning and about finding techniques to try and close the attainment gender gap.

Session – Embedding Literacy and oracy into your lesson, department and whole school

This session will look at the process that I took in my department to improve literacy and oracy. It will look at some simple and quick strategies, activities, resources than can be done in lessons and added to schemes of work. Hopefully you will leave with some practical ideas you can easily implement on your classroom the very next day.

Ruth Golding @LearnerLedLdr and Nina Elliott @senoraelliott



Session – Jointly led by Ruth Golding @LearnerLedLdr and Nina Elliott @senoraelliott from Tor Bridge High, Plymouth – Taking Back Control

A year ago we completely overhauled our CPL programme. From whole-school, top-down, thumb-twiddling, directed-time to open, individual action research projects for ALL members of staff based around our key school priorities. This session will look at what we’ve learnt so far and how taking back control of our own professional learning can give us hope, but also fear.

Nina Elliott has been Curriculum Leader for Modern Languages for over 10 years at Tor Bridge High in Plymouth. She also leads a whole school Aspire Programme which aims to raise aspirations of all students. A serial organiser and attendee of TeachMeets and Pedagoo events, Nina also loves the odd slow jog in support of #Teacher5aDay @senoraelliott nelliott@torbridge.com

Ruth Golding has been a teacher for 20 years. She is the Mental Health Lead at Tor Bridge High, and is also a representative on the Local Authority Emotional Health and Well-being Steering Group which leads the Mental Health Strategy across Health, Education and Social Care in Plymouth. Passionate about inclusion Ruth places student wellbeing at the heart of everything she does. As national leader for #DisabilityEd she works with colleagues to support full representation and reasonable adjustments for all people with disabilities including those with mental health conditions to thrive in education.

Simon Warburton @simon_warburton


IVC has been working on supporting wellbeing and mental health in the staff and students for over 20 months and has made considerable progress. We have implemented a number of changes following our annual staff review consultation and last year tasked Simon Warburton, Assistant Principal, to make progress in well-being for all in the college a strategic priority. IVC recently made its commitment to improving mental health public by joining a range of leading business in making a Time to Change Pledge led by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and is now working towards completing the Carnegie Mental Health Award led by Leeds Beckett University and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence.

In this session, we will explore the key changes in our journey and share our experiences of mental health support that schools may find useful in benchmarking their activities against. We will also outline our main focus for the coming year and tie this into staff recruitment, absence management and staff induction – many of the key challenges facing schools’ leaders today.

Heather James @LDNHumsTeacher

heather ldn

Session – How I eliminated 90% of my marking

As an NQT four years ago, I was drowning in endless lesson planning and marking, across KS3, KS4 and KS5. Although I didn’t feel my marking was effective and that student’s weren’t pulling their weight in the feedback process, my school was impressed with my marking? I was confused. Over the years I have honed my feedback practice to mean that the emphasis is now wholly on the students and not on me. Parents are also involved in the feedback process, and the responsibility to improve is firmly no longer on my shoulders. It now takes me 30 minutes to mark a set of 30 KS3 books, I never take marking home (because I don’t need to) and my student’s actively improve due to the feedback given.

Bio – First and foremost, Heather is a 26 year old with two cats who has recent got married and lives in South London. For her, teaching is no longer a lifestyle but a passion that is constantly being honed and crafted; it comes second to everything else. As well as teaching Politics and History, she is 2 I/c of Teaching and Learning and Head of Personal Development and Wellbeing. She believes strongly in a balance between wellbeing and innovative pedagogy. Heather is also an Author with Hodder Publishing and tweets at @LDNHumsTeacher

Rachel Atherton @AthersScience


Session – Following a full on first year as an Assistant Head teacher I hope to share some trials and tribulations, some takeaways and steal some ideas from others to use in the future when trying to measure the impact of school leadership.

As a passionate Science Teacher teaching AQA Science in I would like to share some techniques for retrieval practice that may help in teaching subjects that have large amounts of contents that students are expected to recall.

Kimberley Evans @evanskimberley


I have been a teacher for 19 years across the Primary age range. I have seen the job change and develop during those years and faced many challenges dealing with workload and a family. What has really helped manage my stress levels and happiness is being healthy, I haven’t been ill for 3 years! I am about to leave the profession to run my own business, Nourish the Workplace, which helps prevent teacher burn out. I am passionate about keeping amazing teachers where they belong, in the profession by helping schools to value their staff’s health and wellbeing.

Session – Rest, Refuel and Recharge – the new 3R’s

We will discuss why a healthy lunch is so important for you as a teacher and why taking a break from the classroom can actually make your day easier. Learn about the effects good food choices have on your body and how to make nutritious, easy lunches, fun, practical and manageable!

Amy Jeetley @amyjeetley


Session – Personal energy management skills – Are you managing your own energies or someone else’s?

Last year, 3750 teachers were off sick due to stress, anxiety and mental illness. That’s one in 83! (Guardian, 2017). Could some of the stress have been managed in a different way so teachers did not need to take time off or reach a point of ill health? Every day we deal with different people, places, we move in time – projecting forwards, reflecting the past. We also are bombarded with a list of tasks, projects from every angle. Some of these will serve us, some don’t and at times this all comes at a very fast pace with no space in between. As a result, do you sometimes feel quite overwhelmed? Stressed? Irritable? Chaotic or out of “control” (command)? Everything is energy. Science tells us that. Every day, there are “invisible” energy transactions that we encounter, that can lead to feeling stressed, chaotic and out of command of our lives. In this session, you will be intrigued with the world of subtle “invisible” energies and how they influence us on a daily basis. Join Amy Jeetley and…

  • Discover what happens to us when we become over busy
  • Learn what causes us to be stressed, chaotic and over-burdened
  • Recognise how these states can lead to ill health
  • Practise and apply simple techniques to cleanse, clear, manage and restore your energies and personal space
  • Gain insight into a new way of living daily life with more energy, focus, drive and improved wellbeing.

Enjoy a guided mediation session lead by Amy, to restore you to calm and peace! I am looking forward to spending time with you in this session, and more importantly, a newer, restored and healthier you. See you soon at #PedagooHampshire2018 on 15th September 2018.

Kelly Campbell @K_M_Campbell


Session – Creating a Love of Learning


My session will focus on approaches to help close the gap between student attainment from KS2 and in preparing students effectively for final exams at KS4. Through this I will share a range of strategies to encourage curious minds and create students who love learning. I will share strategies that encourage students to geek up their studies at home and to always enquire about the world around them making links with learning in the classroom, after the lesson has ended. I am Lead Practitioner in Geography at Harrow Way Community School. I have been teaching for 6 years and have been Head of Department as well as supporting other local secondary schools with their curriculum and improving progress. I am interested in effective T&L ideas to foster a love of learning and encourage students to ask questions to further their studies outside the classroom.

Karen Collins FCCT FRSB @kcoscience


Session – Back to Basics: reducing teacher workload by stripping down to the essentials. This session involves the critical examination of pedagogy and is an opportunity to look at your own practice and that of your team no matter your curriculum area.

Karen is an educational consultant with 20 years science teaching experience, including 10 years as an Assistant Head Teacher. She is a former Head of Department and a SENCO, under the new code of practice. A large proportion of her current role involves working as a Lead Science Associate for PiXL responsible for the delivery of training at a local and national level as well as the development of teaching resources linked to the new curriculum. Karen undertakes a number of other roles including being an A-Level Practical Advisor for AQA Chemistry, preparing STEM learning materials and the design and delivery of intervention sessions for GCSE and A-Level students. Karen is looking forward to returning to higher education by completing an MSc in Science Communication at UWE.

Julia Steward @chrysalisleader


Session – Sink or swim? How to maintain helpful habits of wellbeing and resilience.

Here we are at the start of another school year, with all the good intentions that go with fresh starts. Thanks to Martyn Reah and #teacher5aday, you know all about how to achieve wellbeing: you simply focus on the new economics foundation’s five a day: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give. But most of us learn from experience that knowing how to ensure wellbeing somehow isn’t quite the same thing as doing it.

Do join us in this workshop, where you’ll have an opportunity to consider what gets in the way of sustaining our own wellbeing and resilience and why our resolve tends to become weaker as the pressure mounts over the term. Crucially we’ll have a chance to think about our own habits of behaviour and thinking that might get in the way of sustaining our own resilience, and how to replace them with more helpful alternatives.

Julia Steward is an independent coach and leadership development facilitator. She previously ran the NPQH programme in the South West and worked extensively with the National College for School Leadership (as it was then). She has been studying, researching into, writing and speaking about emotional resilience for many years and her work has been profiled in the TES and the NAHT’s Leadership Focus magazine. Her book Sustaining Resilience for Leadership: Stories from Education was published earlier this year.

Sarah Stones @plainsailinghr


Session – Understanding Motivation Workshop

In this workshop you will :

  • Develop your understanding of intrinsic motivation
  • Begin to be able to identify pupils motivators and use that knowledge to improve engagement and motivation
  • Have simple strategies to support your own and your pupils’ motivation and wellbeing
  • Have fun!

Bio – Sarah Stones is a Motivation Specialist who is passionate about helping people to shine. She combines her knowledge of intrinsic motivation and positive psychology with a practical, solutions focused approach.

Sarah understands the many challenges faced by people with disabilities, as she has always lived with a disability. This has never stopped her doing anything she has wanted and been motivated to do, and achieve. She set up Plain Sailing Motivation when she realised life is too short not to be doing what you want to do, and she set out to help others to shine.

Sarah works closely with schools, organisations and parents/guardians to support young people. She has a special interest in supporting disadvantaged young people and those with special educational needs.


sarah@plainsailingmotivation.co.uk Tel 07816178616

Liz Miller @peglegliz


Session – How to implement flipped learning

Liz has been teaching for 5 years and is the Lead Practitioner in Maths at Eggar’s School. Liz is interested in the idea of flipped learning and how this can help pupils progress.

Liz will be talking about the practicalities of flipped learning. People know about the theory of flipped learning but how do you put into practice. Her talk will involve the use of computers and videos for flipped learning and how we can ensure that work is completed rather than pupils just watching the video!

Last year she worked with year 9’s using the flipped learning and she will be reflecting on her failures and successes in the session.

Rather than why we do flipped learning, this session will help you to find out how to do it.

Lisa Lea – Weston and Seonaid Beasley @TalkingHeadsOak

Session – A Conversation about Supervision

What is Supervision? What is its possible role in a school? How does it benefit the teacher as well as the children and the whole school? How is it different to coaching/mentoring? How might it complement existing activities such as coaching and mentoring? How does it work?

This will be an informal session, during which we encourage you to ask questions and get involved.

Lisa Lea – Weston

lisa 2

I have been a Health Care Professions Council registered drama therapist for over 17 years and Supervisor for 11 years.I worked for Devon Partnership NHS Trust for 10 years as Clinical Lead for people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and with people across the spectrum of acute Learning Disabilities. I was awarded an Extraordinary NHS award in 2011 for my work within the Arts Therapies service. This was a learning decade and I managed a multi-disciplinary team and supervised professionals both managerially and clinically. I left the NHS in 2013 having decided to take voluntary redundancy. A painful decision at the time but one which my own supervisor guided me through. I had had aggressive breast cancer and this sharply focused what I wanted from my future career and what I was passionate about. I left to establish Oak Practice -a social enterprise which supports mostly children both freelance and in private practice. I work primarily with attachment and early developmental trauma and with children in the Looked After system and with adoption breakdown. I furthered my supervision experience by undertaking a Pg Cert in 2016/17 and recently gained funding from the School for Social Entrepreneurs and a place on their year long Start Up programme to develop my ideas around the impact of offering supervision to Headteachers and Senior Educators. I have been in supervision for 18years – it is part of my practice. As a supervisor I see the impact I can have in enabling Senior Management Teams to have the deeply professional yet personal support I have had. My experience means that I know how to not only support well-being and professional development but have the kind of experience that can support the development of healthy schools that are welcoming to children at every level… and the only resourcing needed is the commitment to every 6 weeks to attend supervision by the Senior Leader. The contract in supervision is fundamentally different to coaching but not very trendy! I would not be where I am without the safe but challenging nature of the supervisors I have had over the yeas….and I am in a place that feels very exciting!

Seonaid Beasley

lisa Lea

I have had a varied career, with my income-earning activities including herdsman’s assistant, nurse, conservation team leader, adult education trainer, violin teacher, training co-ordinator, assessor and verifier, and supervisor. I have spent much of the last 25 years working in vocational education, particularly management and leadership development, from which my interest in and practice of supervision and supported reflective practice has evolved. Since 2004 I have been a school governor, including 4 years as Chair of Governors. I work closely with the governing board and SLT to support senior staff and the whole school community. I have been a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development since 1994, and in 2017 completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision.

Education Support Partnership have offered their support this year and will also be present at the event. Some useful resources from them are here –

Helpline for emotional support
Grants service for those in financial difficulty
Resources on wellbeing
Research on wellbeing and mental health in education


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