Are you a well-being superhero? Your country needs you in April.

Building on last year’s April #teacher5aday theme it’s time to start getting involved with #stressawarenessmonth version 3.0. Listed below are a month of ideas to dip in and out of or you can share some of your own ideas to #connect #learn #notice #volunteer and #exercise.

Don’t forget to tag your contributions #teacher5aday #stressawarenessmonth

April 2017

After an amazing week inspired by #NCW2017 I wonder if we could do something similar for well-being both for students and teachers in April.

The April 2016 #teacher5day theme for the month was #stressawarenessmonth based on the American version you can find here with resources to try out here As we approach the exam season is there anything we can do that will improve our well-being as teachers which will have a knock on effect on improving the well-being of our students?

Could #teacher5day and #student5aday be the answer? It’s time to raise some awareness.

In its simplest form you could just remember to put a few minutes of time aside each day in April and share your adventures on the #teacher5aday hashtag. You might however be inspired to make April a month of well-being in your school for both students and staff. What about a top 10 ten list of things staff and students can do to reduce their stress in April? How about a campaign to get students to turn off their phone at 7.00pm which could include their parents doing the same (and dare I even say their teachers)? #turnitoffat7

Either way I think it is about time we made a lot of noise about well-being and with retention of teachers more important than ever what are we waiting for.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch. I am looking for as many #wellbeingsuperheroes to make as much noise as possible in April to share their ideas big and small.

All ideas are welcomed and what I would really like to achieve is the same buzz around the #teacher5aday themed months on twitter like #fitfeb, #memorymarch and #21daysJuly making a similar impact in more staffrooms around the country for the majority of teachers who are not on twitter.

Resources to stick on your staffroom wall can be found here

Are you up for the challenge??

Hope so.

Healthy regards,



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