CPD/ Support network or just sharing good news stories #slowchat #teacher5aday @CeriStokes

I love sharing good news stories on Twitter, celebrating how great we are, learning from enthusiastic and inspiring teachers, whilst still being realistic and looking out for our wellbeing. It’s probably my best source of CPD.  Short sharp bursts of ideas but I can access, when I want and regularly (not just at the start of term). This is what attracted me to joining the Chartered College. And looking on Twitter it seems I am not the only one. I am in awe at the number of great Twitter Teachers using their own time to make things better, to hear about the nitty gritty from colleagues and the Charter College seemed to promise more of this.


So I like many others, spent some time researching their web site, watching the inspiring Youtube clips to find out what exactly what was being offered for the £39 joining fee. Well to start with the Web site states:

  • Access to over 2,000 full text journals, ebooks, research and materials covering a broad range of education issues and subject-specific topics
  • Entry to one of our inaugural conferences in February 2017 to hear from teachers and leaders in the education sector (subject to availability)
  • An opportunity to become involved in our emerging regional communities, locally-led groups

This all sounds positive, but what really does it mean? The journals look interesting, but I was slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information. The conference was really well received, promoting lots of debate. The local led groups sound encouraging and I am looking forward to joining in with this. But the Youtube Clips gave me the most food for thought. From a CPD point of view, Clare’s clip really got me thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2CpUDmkgyM. Wouldn’t it be great if we could choose CPD that we decided we wanted and were ready for, not just the line manager?  Would this mean that our CPD would be more valuable and relatable. How can an organisation like Charter College help with this?

Perhaps I am looking at this all wrong. Could we take control of our own support network and CPD through writing our own journals or attending the conferences. It is starting to sound like one of the regular community challenges for #teacher5aday, a chance to contribute and make a change. (PS I am loving the March challenge #memorymarch). Suddenly the phrase “Ask not what Charted College can do for you but what you can do for Chartered College” is running through my head.

Some Questions to consider:

“To gather together is to be more powerful, to be more effective, to have a voice.” Wise words but what does it actually mean?

Useful? Does research have to be useful? Isn’t there a place for research into education ethos and how will Charter College facilitate this?

Will those teachers feeling ‘overworked’ feel more valued and have a voice in future, if they have the support network like #teacher5aday

The Role of Chartered College will be to support “change in discourse from blame to opportunity.” How can we make the most of this opportunity?

The Chartered College will support teachers’ development to gain the skills, knowledge and expertise they need, how can they do this?





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