A Week of Well-being Chat – Build it with us – in partnership with the @CharteredCollege

After the success of the previous four slow chats we return at Easter with #teacher5aday #SlowChat5 running from Monday the 10th of April until Friday the 15th.

The week will involve a variety of teachers sharing their views and ideas about the importance of the Chartered College and how we can build it together with well-being as a main component. After listening to Dame Alison Peacock speak earlier this year we decided it would a great opportunity to see how the ideas behind #teacher5day could support the early debate about how the Chartered College might develop and listen to teachers sharing ideas about their needs and wants.

If you need any inspiration look at how things have developed so far

Who is involved?

The five fantastic educators below will lead a day and share their ideas about the development of the Chartered College from their perspective. Questions will be shared each morning from 8.00 am based on the blogs and as with the previous slow chats we hope you can dip in for an hour, a day or take part for the full week.

The intention is the blogs and subsequent discussions will link and reference #PedagooHampshire17 where Dame Alison will be delivering the Keynote this year to over 200 teachers who have signed up so far for a day of CPD at Eggar’s School (@eggars) in Hampshire (Saturday 16.9.17) with very very like mined professionals.

Free Tickets are available here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pedagoohampshire17-tickets-31783816250 and if you would like to join the list of 67 volunteer presenters the link is here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pedagoohampshire17presenters-tickets-27799145994 .

Teacher5aday #SlowChat5 Questions and Hosts

Monday 10.4.17 – What do colleagues want from the Chartered College? @musicmissdavies


Storify from day 1 https://storify.com/public/templates/card/index.html?src=//storify.com/f33lthesun/slowchat5-teacher5aday-day-1-with-musicmissdavies

Tuesday 11.4.17 – How will research and evidence underpin the work of the Chartered College? @Lisa7Pettifer


Wednesday 12.4.17 – How would you like the Chartered College to develop the workload debate? @pickleholic


Thursday 13.4.17 – How can the Chartered College change the narrative of education and help us share strength and positivity @RosFarrell1

Friday 14.4.17 –  What will the support and cpd offer look like from the Chartered College? @CeriStokes


What do you need to do during the week?

  • Read the blogs
  • Tweet your views about the questions posted each day
  • Ask your questions about each subject
  • Enjoy connecting with people interested in the well-being debate
  • Remember to use the #Teacher5aday #SlowChat5 hashtag

How can you continue after the week is finished?

Join the Chartered College and write a #teacher5aday pledge for 2017 like these https://martynreah.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/teacher5aday-pledges-2016/ .

If you would like to start your own #teacher5aday some helpful tips can and reviews can be found here –

Thanks to all for getting involved and see you at Easter,


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