#teacher5aday homemade #journal 

I’m a fan of the Cornell Note Taking technique. 

Normally used by my classes whilst watching a video clip about a geography case study. Notes are taken about the clip we have watched, then we discuss the ideas we have recorded and finally a summary is written. 

I’m also a fan of a sketchbook. Every year I’m amazed by the works of art created by our students. The care and attention that goes into their sketch books is always superb. We also run a wide variety of after school clubs as part of the Eggar’s Experience at our school. Teachers provide clubs for the students to attend based on their passions. The scrapbook club run by the RQT in maths looked like great fun where even more amazing pieces of art were created.

This year I’m going to combine all of these ideas and create a homemade journal of my #teacher5aday year. The note taking will I imagine take many forms. 

Using the prompts #connect #learn #exercise #notice and #volunteer I intend to record my achievements. This might be once a day, once a week or once a month depending on how the mood takes me. Creating something analogue in a digital world.

I have realised that with a can do attitude anything is possible. Having taken part in Jenna Lucas’ #teacher5adaysketch I surprised myself by what I was capable of. My ability to draw improved when I practiced. My inner voice tells me I’m not an ‘arty’ person but my sketchbooks from this year now tell a different story. The support I gained from being part of a team and the encouragement of others made all the difference.

So as you think about your #teacher5aday pledges for 2017 grab a cheap sketchbook from Tiger (other shops are available). 

Could your first page be the handwritten version of your pledges this year? 

Will creating a journal / scrapbook focus you on your achievements, keep you on track and grateful for your progress ? 

Will being part of the #teacher5aday team make a difference to your 2017? 

I hope so.


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