#Teacher5aday #SlowChat4

A Week of Well-being Chat – Bringing the DfE Reducing Teachers Workload Report to Life

After the success of the slow chats in 2016 during the Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays #teacher5aday #SlowChat returns in the new year this time after we all go back to work. Running from Monday the 9.1.17 until Saturday the 14.1.17 there will be no better way to start your new year resolutions than by thinking about your well-being and how you can plan for the term ahead and beyond with the support of like-minded professionals?

Dip in for a day or take part in the week.
The mains discussions will take place before and after school.

  • Questions will be listed each morning from 7.00 am based on the blog (and hopefully Vlog) of the day and teachers are free to contribute to the discussion when they can fit it in including an evening session chat hosted from 4 – 8.00 pm each night.


#Teacher5aday #SlowChat 4 will involve a variety of teachers sharing their views and ideas about the importance of well-being based around the findings of the workload report


Each day will be themed around the report including days dedicated to the effective use of data, making marking meaningful, manageable and motivating and developing strategies to streamline planning.

If you need an inspiration look at how things developed this year.

Teacher5adaySlowChat 1 – A Week of Well-Being


Teacher5adaySlowChat 2 – Developing Healthy Habits


Teacher5adaySlowChat 3 – From Learning into Development


Who is involved?

The six fantastic educators below will lead a day and share their ideas about data, planning and marking as listed below.

Hopefully the blogs and subsequent discussions will link and reference #PedagooHampshire 16 and 17 and will follow on from Vivienne Porritt’s @LCLL_Director challenge to change one thing and develop a habit this year.

Monday 9.1.17 – An introduction to the Reducing Teachers Workload report – Kathryn Morgan @KLMorgan_2


Storify of day 1 tweets https://storify.com/bethben92/teacher5aday-slowchat-4-day1-with

Tuesday 10.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and marking – Zoe Paramour @ZoeParamour

#Teacher5aday Day 2 – Managing Workload & Marking

Storify of Day 2


Wednesday 11.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and planning – Rachel Atherton @AthersScience


Storify of day 3 


Thursday 12.1.17 – Strategies to improve workload and data – Miss Fod @fod3


Storify of day 4


13.1.17 – Strategies to improve well-being using #teacher5aday related to the Reducing Workload report -Siddal Moor 

Pedagogy @SMpedagogy 

Storify of day 5 https://storify.com/bethben92/teacher5aday-slowchat4-day-5-with

and a weekend special from Vicki Vincent @MissVicki_V


What do you need to do during the week?

  • Read the blogs
  • Tweet your views about the questions posted each day
  • Ask your questions about each subject
  • Enjoy connecting with people interested in the well-being debate
  • (Remember to use the #Teacher5aday #SlowChat4 hashtag)

How can I continue after the week is finished?

If you would like to start your own #teacher5aday some helpful tips can and reviews can be found here –

  • The original #teacher5aday post


  • Original research evidence from @NEF


  • A guide on how to get started with your #teacher5aday


Thanks to all for getting involved and see at the start of the new term,


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