#teacher5aday is 2

As part of the next steps for #teacher5aday and the 2nd birthday celebrations I have decided to take the step to move onto YouTube. Running up to the 2017 and the third year of January themed #teacher5aday pledges I thought it would be interesting to try a different way to get the well-being message into more classrooms.


2t5adyThe idea involves teachers sharing a 5 minute video with hints and tips on how to improve well-being. A simple and broad brief.

I’m still of the opinion that happy teachers will lead to improved outcomes for students and I hope that as the channel develops the ideas behind the ” Reducing Teachers’ Workload” document


and will to include practical ideas shared by teachers for teachers. Ideas to develop the effective use of data in the classroom, real marking strategies (that are meaningful, manageable and meaningful) and ideas to streamline planning  which will hopefully go hand in hand with teachers talking about how they use #teacher5aday to think of themselves first, even if it is just for a few more minutes a day.

To find out more Vicki Vincent @MissVicki_V has kindly created the first #teacher5aday vlog which explains things in a little more detail.


So far we have 65 #volunteers who are in the process of creating their vlogs to share in January. If you would like to join them and have an idea you would like to share please get in touch (@martynreah).

As we approach the end of our second year can I thank everyone who has been involved in sharing the ideas behind #teacher5day which has now been viewed on my blog over 35,000 times. Hopefully inspired by the new YouTube channel and the teachers who have shared their pledges in 2015 and 2016 I hope I will be reading more pledges in the New Year about how you intend to look after yourself in what is an extremely rewarding and challenging vocation.

2016 pledges


2015 pledges





One thought on “#teacher5aday is 2

  1. Thanks for setting up #teacher5aday – it has given me lots of ideas, fun & laughter and more importantly a group of like-minded friends. I am really looking forward to 2017 and the adventures we will encounter.


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