#teacher5aday #run #OutRunMay 

Please see below for the blog I wrote on staffrm about #OutRunMay 2016.

The ideas are the same for #OutRunSeptember and for #OutRunMay 2017.

Hope you can join in next month 🙂 

#teacher5adayRun in May?

Last year I braved the shave for MacMillan. A very enjoyable whole school assembly where I was joined on stage by four colleagues and experienced my most public haircut to date.

Ten minutes later we had raised £2500 pounds and the roof, much to the amusement of the students, but less so our HT. As part of the MacMillan family I now receive emails about their upcoming events and have often wondered since last July how our exploits from last year could be bettered. 

We have a house system at our school and last year the staff were invited to take part in OFSPREAD in January to avoid the New Year blues and poke fun at our friends in suits if they decided to make a visit. Miles were logged in our house teams as we ran, cycled and walked our way to a positive start to the year. The results of our daily activity were posted in reception much to the amusement of the students and as the month past we focused less on self evaluations of progress and more on our collective reducing waistlines and the smiles on our faces.

In May this year Macmillan have set their #OutRunMay challenge http://www.out-run.org.uk . One month, one goal and one amazing way to change the lives of people affected by cancer. The idea involves setting yourself a mileage target and then pushing yourself for 31 days to achieve it – one run at a time. I’m sure after watching the London Marathon tomorrow lots of people will be inspired to apply next year.

My question is why wait to pull on your trainers?

I hope lots of you will join in with #OutRunMay and #volunteer and #exercise in May. Why not take an assembly and invite all of the school to get involved? Set some PE hwk for a change? Make it into a house competition and forget about subordinate clauses and spelling tests for a while.

I’m hoping this #teacher5aday inspired event will lead to a few more #connections and I guarantee you will be amazed what you #notice when you are out and about.  Lots to #learn as well about what you are capable of if you set your mind to it.


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