Day 5 #Teacher5adaySlowChat 3 from Amy Jeetley (@amyjeetley)

So, we will have had a well deserved break over the summer, and enjoyed precious time with family and friends. No doubt, most of you will agree the last academic year was very challenging for many reasons, leaving most of us desperate for the summer break.

With more accountability measures in the system, curriculum and legislation changes for the amount of well being support available for the young in our care, how are we going to maintain our own well-being wells to ensure we don’t get to the point we did last academic year?

The system will be expecting more, the students will need more of us, but if we are on our knees very quickly by the first half term mark, are we going to have anything to give?

It’s going to be so important to have realistic aims and goals that we can keep to maintain and sustain ourselves, i.e. putting our own oxygen mask on first so that we can be the best we can be, day in day out for our students and for each other.


With this in mind I’d like you to consider for the new academic year, what ACTIONS will you:-




… that will make a contribution to your own well-being.


Points to reflect on:-

*Consider your ACTIONS not desires so you can ensure they will happen.

*It could be just one or two of those, or all 3.

*Ensure it is realistic & sustainable.

Example 1 : if you tend to work late most days, how about committing to  leaving to go home early one night a week. This may be more sustainable than 3 nights a week, and you could grow organically into increasing it.

Example 2: could you increase feedback in the lesson and mark students work there and then, or ask the student to act on your feedback and write in another colour pen (ours is red)? How about committing to doing it with one particular class to start with?

Example 3: rather than waiting until you are exhausted, do hobbies and activities/exercise/meditate or attend a class of some kind regularly so you are topping up your wells as you go along,  at least once or twice in the weekday? #worklifebalance.

Considering your own well-being is also considering the well-being of children in our care and other members of staff. Please join me in the #teacher5adayslowchat to share and inspire us and each other.

I look forward to hearing from you all 😊

Be #empowered #bethechange


Join Amy Jeetley #teacher5adayslowchat

Question: With the new curriculum changes & increased accountability measures what will you stop doing, change, or introduce for your own well-being?


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