With under a week to go final preparations are well under way and the draft agenda for #PedagooHampshire16 is below to help you plan your day.


A few returned tickets are available here


if you know anyone who would still like to come along.

Any problems or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me (email mreah@eggars.hants.sch.uk) and if not see you on Saturday.

No pre-booking of sessions are required just plan a route and have a wander.

Don’t forget your cakes for the bake off and your books for swapping.





2016 Blogs post Pedagoo – Thinking about Impact 





My Reflections on a Wonderful #PedagooHampshire16


(More to be added as and when)


Some great educators have offered their time to present at #PedagooHampshire16 on the 17th of September this year.

Details will grow over the next few weeks but to wet your appetite see the details below and if you don’t know much about the idea of pedagoo click on any of the links below.







  • Chris Eyre
  • Title: Who are You?


What do you #Notice about your identity as a teacher? Does it threaten to take over the rest of you in a case of teacher identity theft? Drawing on 20 years as a classroom teacher ‘Elephant in the staffroom’ author Chris Eyre looks at how can we draw sensible and realistic limits without seeming unprofessional.

  • David Brown
  • Title: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Suitable for either department heads, senior leaders or aspiring senior leaders, this session will explore the characteristics of a school or department culture that encourages innovation, inspires staff and results in motivated, happy and energised teachers. Following this, we will discuss ways of cultivating this culture where you work.

  • Kat Howard 
  • Title: getting into gear with litdrive and the new English curriculum


Come along to this practical session where I will share the work I have developed for the new English curriculum plus a little extra about implementing whole school literacy ideas (with a smile).

  • Jen Hart
  • Title: Helping them learn

My presentation would focus on factual recall and memory techniques. All courses, subjects and key stages have knowledge that must be learnt. I’ll share some of the techniques that help to embed facts in students long term memory.

  • Jenna Lucas and Kerry Macfarlane
  • Title: Developing a School approach to Well-Being


This session will focus on the journey of our school in promoting both staff and pupil well-being, based on the five banners of #teacher5aday and how #student5aday has derived from this.

The session will give participants the opportunity to discuss ideas and strategies for implementing well-being as a whole school approach.

  • Tania Harding
  • Title: You don’t have to be Einstein to be a great Problem Solver

A whole school approach to Problem Solving In many subjects, pupils face a challenge to complete which involve a number of steps – in our school this took the form of different cycles of enquiry. Seeing the opportunity to encourage and train pupils to be great problem solvers across the curriculum resulted in our whole school approach. Hear how this was developed and the advantages of common language for transferability. I’ll also share possible pitfalls and blockers to success so you can take this to try in your own classroom or school. It will highlight how our pupils may not be Einstein, but possibly the Einstein of today!

  • Patrick Ottley-O’Connor
  • Title: A Head Teacher’s view of #Teacher5aday


Using a case study of my last Principal role at Hereford & the use of teacher5aday & Well-being as a school improvement tool I will explain how we moved out of special measures.

  • Bukky Yusuf
  • Title: Effective Time Management


We will be reviewing and discussing the strategies that help us to manage our time as we teach, manage and lead.

  • Tim Clarke 
  • 1 Title: Teaching for Learning Foundations (#learn)


As a school we have developed and refined a series of 13 elements we would expect to see on a regular basis during lessons & learning.

We believe these elements help us to be consistently good. However they are just the foundations and there is freedom for staff to adapt, innovate and build on these foundations.

They are in their second version within 15 months, and as such are always a work in discussion / progress.

  • Tim Clarke
  • 2 Title: Developing shared Values and Purpose in a growing school (#learn or #connect)

We opened with 25 pupils in September 2013

I joined in September 2014.

September 2016: 135 pupils predicted

September 2018: new school site and 300-400 pupils predicted

September 2020: 630 pupils predicted.

Having common Values and understanding the WHY of what and how we grow and are is crucial.

Elements include:

  • My Key principles
  • Whole school community involved in choosing third Value
  • Staff developing T&L policy and Learning Values
  • Whole school community defining “Inspirational Learning Community”

Need for ongoing conversations, but sufficient inter-connectedness and succinctness.

  • Clare Martin 
  • Title: The Power of Positive Psychology


Presentation resources


Making positive social connections is a powerful and positive way to enhance well-being. A key area of research in Positive Psychology is Character Strengths. Learn how to use them to increase our sense of fulfilment, but also help us understand and #connect better with others.

Presentation resources http://www.integritycoaching.co.uk/taking-care-of-the-soul-in-the-role

Drawing on her own work as an Executive Coach for Senior School Leaders and the work of renowned American author, social activist and educator, Parker j Palmer, Viv will explore the relationship between well being, our ‘performances’ as educators and the interior landscape, that must be travelled if we are to maintain our sense of vocation, passion,  and joy for the work that we do.

  • Lesley Munro
  • Title: Revision Recovery Bags for Year 11


Getting year 11 ready for revision.  Inspired by Abbie Mann’s staff well-being bags, I’ll share some items that we provide to year 11 to get them revising and prepare them for the exams at home.

  • Abbie Mann and Rebecca Skarshewski
  • Title: Literacy / Numeracy Legends

How do you make sure literacy and numeracy is a focus at a whole school level? For the past year we have been working on building literacy /numeracy skills across the curriculum. This has involved working with pastoral leaders, curriculum representatives  and heads of faculty. Come along to learn about what has been successful. If you have any of your own ideas about literacy and numeracy at a whole school level bring them along to share!

  • Kimberley Constable
  • Title: Teacher Hacks to save some time and sanity


In this session I will be sharing some of my teacher hacks and time saving strategies that have saved my sanity when teaching multiple subjects in multiple rooms. It will be an opportunity to share some of your own strategies with others and contribute to a small booklet of ideas to be shared online.

  • Chris Chivers 
  • Title: Digging Deeper into Differentiation; commonly known as “knowing your children as well as possible”.


In this session, I want to explore the notion of differentiation, even within a supposed “Mastery” culture, to explore teacher child relationships, based on the underlying premise that teachers have to know how to speak with each child in ways that support their learning.

As Dylan Wiliam calls it “Responsive Teaching” rather than AfL.

  • Crista Hazell & Candida Gould
  • Title: Hook them into learning


In this session Crista Hazell and Candida Gould will share tried and tested strategies from the MFL classroom to ensure independent and deep learning that can be used in other curriculum areas.

Their emphasis will lie on creating a ‘positive classroom’ with a focus on fostering engagement with learning whilst ensuring progress. You will go away with tips and tricks that ‘tick all the boxes’ and that will also bring increased enjoyment and engagement to the classroom for all.

  • Debbie Inglis
  • Title: A Different Approach to Managing Change


In a culture of constant changes, how well do you manage the change process yourself? How well do you lead others through change, and deal with any issues?

This session is for those who want to get better at managing change more positively and productively, and for those who lead on change and want to be better at managing others through the process.

During this session I will share with you some useful tips for leading and managing change – including a different approach, which involves how to confidently respond to others without always having to find their answers for them.

  • Kerry Jordan-Daus
  • Title: My #Teacher5aday Journey

Sometimes we get lost. That can be both scary and exciting. Here is my story, I was a bit lost.

#Teacher5aday has given me a  new map and I am on a new journey. Where has it taken me? Where am I going next? This presentation will share how I have used #Teacher5aday to influence my work as a leader in education, how I am embedding the philosophy and values of #teacher5aday in my leadership behavior and actions.

  • Kay Topping
  • Title: The Power of the Object


Objects have an amazing power that can really help pupils to learn. As a museum Educator I use objects in my learning sessions every day. This session will look at ways of using objects to enhance your lessons with practical components to show how easy & powerful learning through objects can be.

  • Laura Braun
  • Title: #teacher5aday sculpt !


Learn some technique with clay that you can use with your class- (primary based) and also how to use it to relax!

Feeling like you need to be creative? Feeling like you need to bash something? Want to learn to use clay in your classroom? This practical session is for you! You can learn just how relaxing being creative with clay is and how it can put you into a lovely state of calm. You’ll also learn how you can bring pottery into your topic lessons and some methods to use which will help your class create stunning work. Instruction sheets, links to videos and emergency helpline included! Don’t worry if you think you have no skills with clay or have never used it- this could be the start of something beautiful!

  • Amy Jeetley
  • Title : Meditation : what the research says and how we can use it.


Meditation, mindfulness, visualisation all buzz words in today’s society to help us relax, destress, be more self aware, more in command of our emotions, our lives  etc…yet exercise, relaxing watching TV  achieve exactly the same thing don’t they?

Join Amy who will share and discuss some of the research behind meditation, the positive effects it has, along with a practical session and some techniques.

You can then decide if it is important to you.

  • Bryn Llewellyn 
  • Joining the Dots & Making Connections

Too often, curriculum subjects are still taught in separate boxes and this is not how children learn best.

With this in mind, 2 primary teachers had a rather random conversation about creating a project combining English, Technology, PE, Art and Drama. The initial pilots for this creative approach have been run with great success and they are now ready to evolve further.

To find out more, join Bryn at his workshop #PedagooHampshire16…

Be ready to sweat and smile – this is an active workshop!

  • Mrs Humanities 
  • Title: More for less – Marking with a purpose


Presentation Resources



Ideas for reducing the amount of time spent on providing feedback without compromising the quality of feedback given.

  • Freya Odell
  • Title: Raising the profile of reading


Presentation resources


Raising the profile of reading across your school – Freya Odell, @fod3, Senior Curriculum Leader, The Wellington Academy, Wiltshire

Creating and supporting avid readers is one of the sheer joys of being an English teacher.  However, a greater number of students choose to opt out of reading declaring loudly and proudly that they have ‘never read a book’ and ‘don’t do reading.’  In addition, for us, more students are arriving at our academy with a reading age that is lower than their chronological age.

Therefore, we have been thinking a lot about how we, as a school community, can work together to foster a love for reading, improve reading ages and ensure our students are skilled readers ahead of them sitting their more rigorous GCSE examinations.

This workshop will look at some of the practical strategies we have developed at The Wellington Academy to try to foster a love of reading in all of our students as the first step in building a successful reading culture.

  • Leah Crawford
  • Title: Let’s Think in English


The increased challenge of revised English GCSEs and primary reading SATs mean we can no longer rely on cunning use of test preparation, tiers or specification choice for marginal attainment gains.  We need to support our students to become more intelligent.  The ‘Let’s Think in English’ King’s College programme, combines the most effective, low cost Sutton Trust toolkit teaching approaches: collaborative learning, metacognition and feedback in to a construct with proven cognitive acceleration gains.  Come along to gain an insight in to the approach, with Leah Crawford, Associate Tutor for Let’s Think English.

  • Hannah Wilson
  • 1 Title: Talent Spotting and Succession Planning


How do you identify and nurture talent? How do you develop capacity and grow high potentials? We know that mentoring, coaching and sponsorship  support progression pathways but can we ensure that diverse leaders are being spotted. What can we do to sow our potential? How can we showcase others?

  • Hannah Wilson
  • 2 Title: Empowering Yourself and Others


How can we combat the imposter syndrome? How can we manage our chimps? How can we be 10% braver?

  • Phil Bagge
  • Title: Developing resilience through computing

Join Phil Bagge to discover how our hidden beliefs about computing affects how and what we choose to teach and how these beliefs can liberate our pupils into becoming resilient problem solvers or perpetuate learned dependence. Find out how important thinking is to computing and what makes for best practice in computational doing. Discover concrete strategies to reverse pupil helplessness and make pupils work much harder than you. Find out how these strategies are starting to affect pupils in other areas of the curriculum.

Suitable for teachers from all key stages.

  • Sue Roffey
  • Title:The Magic of Micro-Moments:


Presentation resources the-magic-of-micro-moments

The most powerful way to well-being is in our relationships. What does this mean in everyday practice?

  • Becky Walters
  • Title: Stronger Together – peer coaching using video enhanced observations


This interactive session will begin by exploring some of the ways we as a profession have previously attempted to capture meaningful data during lesson observations. I will then share the journey of a pilot group of ten colleagues I have managed since January. We are trialling the use of video enhanced observations to support personalised staff development by promoting professional dialogue and self-reflection through peer coaching. I would welcome attendees eager to hear about our steep learning curve and also those using similar approaches in their own school so that we can share experiences and perhaps set up research networks.

  • Andy Knill
  • Title: Mental health – sharing from the inside


Andy shares about strategies he has used to return to the classroom due to depression and anxiety and how online sharing has helped him to support others.

  • Graham Newell
  • Title: Film Club – Cultivating a collaborative professional learning culture based on trust, dialogue and research

For some teachers, the professional learning opportunities available to them seem stuck in 1985 or even 1955. Is it time to take notice of the evidence and ensure that professional learning is supporting teachers to deliver outcomes fit for the 21st century?

In this interactive session, Graham Newell of IRIS Connect will explore the use of ‘Film Club’ as a tool for teachers to collaboratively discuss key teaching and learning themes in a supportive and developmental environment. This approach encourages participation in higher order professional learning such as video, reflection, coaching and lesson study.

You’ll leave with inspiration and the tools to kick-start ‘Film Club’ in your school.

  • Graham Andre
  • Title: Genius Hour – Creating 21st Century Learners.


Presentation resources


  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Collaboration.
  • Communication.
  • Critical Thinking.

These are the 21st century learning skills we should be teaching our children, but in a busy curriculum how do we fit it in and above all else make it purposeful? I think I have the answer – Genius Hour. Find out about Genius Hour, what it is, how it works and how to fit it in to today’s busy teaching week.

  • Rachel Britt and Amy Harvey
  • Title: ‘What if the Hokey Cokey IS what it’s all about?’


Rachel: I will share how just one key question from an amazing individual has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone both personally and professionally over the past year. I will share some of the challenges I have set myself and my classes linked to the 5 #teacher5aday areas of #connect #exercise #learn #notice and #volunteer and how they have had a really positive impact.

Amy: Having taught for nearly 20 years in various places around the world, I am settled in my first deputy head role in rural Norfolk. I have a busy life juggling three children single-handedly, my job and my NPQH coursework, and have come to the conclusion that I am not the person to reinvent the wheel. This session is to share some useful sites, apps and tips that make my day to day work/life balance, well, more balanced.

We hope you can put some ideas ‘in’, take some new ideas ‘out’ and use them to ‘shake [your teaching] all about’!

  • Moira Duffy
  • Title: Creating a Professional Learning Menu for all staff including support staff

Description: This session is most suitable for aspiring and established school leaders. It will share how one school has approached Professional Learning to ensure that everyone in the school community is seeking to get better at their individual role. It will look at the principles of developing longer term ‘in house’ courses rather than externally provided CPD. It will examine how staff led professional learning has been underpinned by choice and collaboration. It will also examine how we are sharing our learning with others.

  • Heather Lucas 
  • Title: Time In instead of Time Out – Re-thinking discipline.


The presentation will look at the difference between consequence-based discipline and attachment-based discipline.

  • Karen Duxbury – Watkinson 
  • Title : The struggle of keeping well-being at the forefront and the implications when you don’t !


This will be a lively and interactive session about the struggle we have to keeping well-being at the forefront of our to do list, while not letting it become another stressor being added to our long list of things to do.

If we are to model wellbeing and the benefit to our students, how do we do it for ourselves and our colleagues.?

We will look at the problems that pose barriers and how we can overcome them. Develop some helpful techniques to bring wellbeing to the fore and keep it at the top of the list with it causing us added stress but adding value to our lives.

Look forward to seeing you there and hearing your journeys.

  • Nick Corston
  • Rocket Boys – STEAM powered creativity and literacy


If you’re looking for ways to engage your classes with STEM subjects whether secondary or primary, as well as engage parents then this session will be for you. But be warned, Nick isn’t a teacher, he’s a dad who now works across creativity and literacy to connect communities with schools. The Guardian and Wired magazine have said he’s ‘a man on a mission’. You decide!

  • James Hilton
  • Title: Leading from the Edge


Teaching is the best job in the world but it can also be very stressful at times. In this session, James, a former headteacher, talks about his battle with stress ten years ago and what he learned from it. James works across the UK as a speaker, and writer specialising in resilience and stress management. A former primary school headteacher, with extensive leadership experience, James is the author of the critically acclaimed book

‘Leading from the Edge: A School Leader’s Guide to Recognising and Overcoming Stress’ (Bloomsbury Publications)


“I am certain that because of James’ story my self-awareness and understanding of the pressures on others has improved to the extent where I will be a better leader because of it”

Vic Goddard, Principal of Passmores Academy – Channel 4’s Educating Essex

‘’Working with Chris Roome, Hilton has made an accessible guide to the challenges of leading a 21st century-school. Roome, who has worked as a mental health therapist, acted as a consultant: together their insights prove to be page-turners from the start.”

Martyn Reah.  SchoolsWeek

“An honest and forthright account. Life saving and, even better, no bull.”

Andy Cope, author and happiness expert

 ‘’Admirable clarity, honesty, warmth and wit. Highly recommended.’’

Teach Secondary Magazine

‘’9.3 out of 10’’ Review – UKEdChat

 100% 5 Star reviews on Amazon (out of 8)

 James is valued for his honesty, empathy and humour.

He is really thrilled to be a part of PedagooHampshire16. In a thought provoking and, at times, humorous session, James will tell the story of his breakdown brought on by work related stress a decade ago. He will reflect on what he learned from the experience and go on to share some of the coping strategies he learned to implement in his recovery and successful return to work.

His session is not just for school leaders but for anyone working in schools. Stress is stress!




6 thoughts on “#PedagooHampshire16

  1. Graham Andre’

    Genius Hour – Creating 21st Century Learners.

    • Creativity and innovation.
    • Collaboration.
    • Communication.
    • Critical Thinking.
    These are the 21st century learning skills we should be teaching our children, but in a busy curriculum how do we fit it in and above all else make it purposeful?

    I think I have found the answer – Genius Hour (passion projects)


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