#30daysWild #teacher5aday

As the end of the month of (Mad) May starts drawing to a close I am reminded of another milestone in the world of #teacher5aday. June 2015 was the first time a month was themed to encourage teachers to think more about their well-being and get involved in with an idea to help develop their #teacher5day. In a similar way to the original idea https://martynreah.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/teacher5aday/ out of small acorns a wide variety of events have developed over the course of the subsequent twelve months.

I would like to propose that June 2016 (and now June 17) is another month where we all make an effort to go wild.


What better way to get over May?

#30dayswild is an idea suggested by The Wildlife Trust which will encourage you to #connect, #learn, #volunteer, #exercise and #notice. Our challenge, in order to feel happier, healthier and more connected to nature is to do something wild every day for thirty days this June. By signing up here


you will receive an inspiration pack, containing Random Acts of Wildness cards – bitesize bits of wild inspiration, some seeds, a beautiful badge and funky stickers to accompany a gorgeous wallchart.

What’s not to like?

It would be great to see in the form of blogs or tweets where your adventures take you.

Could you share a daily image of your wild antics or share your feelings as you spend some more of your day outside?

Could you encourage some of your students to get involved and develop their #student5aday?

As well as completing our June challenge I’m wondering what the next twelve months will look like? Will more people want to get involved and host a month of themed #teacher5aday based activities? Will the teachers who lead the way continue their sterling work spreading the important message of teacher wellbeing?

Thanks to all those who have supported over this year (and 2016- 17) and here’s to a slightly more relaxing month as we approach the final half term of the year.

Ps don’t forget to sign up for your twibbon as well



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