#Teacher5adaySlowChat – Developing Healthy Habits

What is #Teacher5adaySlowChat?

A week of wellbeing chat – Developing Healthy Habits

Running from Monday the 4.4.16 to Friday the 8.4.16 what better way to finish your Easter break than thinking about your wellbeing and how you can recharge your batteries in preparation for the next term and beyond?

#Teacher5adaySlowChat will involve a variety of teachers sharing their views and ideas about the importance of wellbeing to promote the debate and continue the conversations started at Christmas during our first slow chat.


Who is involved?

The five educators below will share their ideas in a blog to be discussed each day. They will then start the conversations by posting a few questions during the course of the day based on the blog using the #teacher5adaySlowChat hashtags. Some contributions from Christmas are available below and a worth a read as well.


Monday 4.4.16 Kat Howard @SaysMiss

Easter wellbeing blog https://saysmiss.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/bring-your-milkdeveloping-healthy-habits/

(Xmas wellbeing blog) http://staffrm.io/@saysmiss/0QYNSodmDm

(Xmas wellbeing blog) https://saysmiss.wordpress.com/2015/12/14/why-we-are-shouting-about-wellbeing/


Tuesday 5.4.16 Naomi Ward @naomi7444

Easter wellbeing blog


(Xmas wellbeing blog) https://educationconnected.wordpress.com/2015/12/24/resolutions-oh-no-do-i-have-to/

(Xmas wellbeing blog) https://educationconnected.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/teacher5adayslowchat-30th-january/


Wednesday 6.4.16 George Gilchrist @GilchristGeorge

Easter wellbeing blog http://linkis.com/gg1952.blogspot.com/uH32L

(Xmas wellbeing blog) http://gg1952.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/well-being.html?m


Thursday 7.4.16 Bukky Yusuf @rondelle10_b

Easter wellbeing blog http://staffrm.io/@byusuf/DKGhDlJMB1


Friday 8.4.16

Rebecca Taylor @EnglishHOD

Easter wellbeing blog


(Xmas wellbeing blog) http://wp.me/p4VbxY-ds


What do you need to do?

  • Read the blogs
  • Tweet your views about the questions posted each day
  • Ask your questions about each subject
  • Enjoy connecting with people interested in the wellbeing debate
  • (Remember to use the #Teacher5adaySlowChat hashtag)


How can I continue after the week is finished?

If you would like to start your own #teacher5aday some helpful tips can and reviews can be found here –

  • The original #teacher5aday post


  • Original research evidence from @NEF


  • A guide on how to get started with your #teacher5aday


Thanks to all for getting involved,



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