What is #teacher5adaySlowChat?

A week of well-being chat

Running from Sunday the 27.12.15 to Sunday the 3.1.16 what better way to finish your year than by thinking about your well-being and how you can recharge your batteries in preparation for the next term and beyond? #Teacher5adaySlowChat will involve a variety of teachers sharing their views and ideas about the importance of well-being to promote the debate and conversation supported by the good folk at @ScotEdChat.


Who is involved?

The eight educators below will share their ideas in a blog to be discussed each day. They will then start the conversations by posting a few questions during the course of the day based on their blog using the #teacher5adaySlowChat and #ScotEdChat hash tags.

27.12 George Gilchrist @GilchristGeorge


28.12 Robert Macmillan @robfmac


29.12 Naomi Ward @naomi7444



30.12 Rebecca Taylor @EnglishHOD


31.12 Sue Roffey @SueRoffey


1.1 Julie Hunter @MsHHMFL 


2.1 Amanda Pearce-Burton @formationpeople


3.1 Kat Howard @SaysMiss



(The week will be supported by @ScotEd and @MrsPert1)

What do you need to do?

  • Read the blogs
  • Tweet your views about the questions posted each day
  • Ask your questions about each subject
  • Enjoy connecting with people interested in the well-being debate
  • (Remember to use the #Teacher5adaySlowChat and #ScotEdChat hash tags)

How can I continue after the week is finished?

  • Consider writing a  #teacher5aday pledge for 2016

If you would like to start your own #teacher5aday some helpful tips can and reviews can be found here –

  • The original #teacher5aday post


  • Original research evidence from @NEF


  • A guide on how to get started with your #teacher5aday


  • 66 #wellbeingsuperheroes share their original #teacher5aday plans


Thanks to all for getting involved,


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