#teacher5aday Maryse @AllThingsMaths

‪#‎connect‬ I will sit with other staff in school at least once a week to have lunch. I will sit with students at least once a week to have lunch. Too often food goes as the days are busy, but time in the day to sit with others is never wasted. I’ve just spent a term in a school where staff are provided with lunch; I noticed the difference and I was better in the day for it.

‪#‎exercise‬ Swim once a week; dive once a week; jog three times a week. I often manage more than this as I’ve a dog – so I have to go at least once a day! But it is what goes first – and it can’t. It’s so vital for my well being – particularly mental well being – and I will be a better practitioner because of it.

‪#‎notice‬ I’m going to notice what’s happening in my friends’ lives more. I get too wrapped up in work in term time and the holidays are a massive rush to catch up. I’ll level out those peaks and troughs a bit.

‪#‎learn‬ So much I want to learn. At the moment I’d like to learn how to make scuba diving more accessible and to use it to enable more people to enjoy the benefits of being underwater.

‪#‎volunteer‬ Links to the above but also I’d like to just keep raising awareness of suicide and mental health after my sister took her own life on 2nd January 2015. I’m not ready to volunteer with this yet, really not, but the time will come.


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