#teacher5aday Oct Updates – including news about #Teacher5adaySketch Exhibition

As the #teacher5aday year draws to an end the original 66 #wellbeingsuperheroes http://wp.me/p4VbxY-7x have been busy thinking about how they have progressed since their January pledges. Common themes exist in their excellent reviews of changing plans and modifying actions. All of which make perfect sense to me.ex

I challenge anyone not to be able to take something from each of the blogs (below) which will help improve their work based well-being tomorrow.

Julie Clarke @JulieEClarke


Jill Berry @jillberry102


Hannah Chivrall @Wild_Every_Day


Lesley Munro @LesleyMunro4


Another interesting development has happened as the year has progressed. After #30daysWild in June more and more tweachers have #volunteered their time to host a #teacher5aday event.

My thanks go out to Bukky Yousuf @rondelle10_b, Jonny McLoughlin @jMrMcloughlin and Jenna Lucas @JennaLucas81 for hosting #21daysJuly, #teacher5adayPE and #teacher5adaySketch


#21daysJuly and #teacher5adaySketch are definitely worth a watch here


and check out the comments here


http://staffrm.io/@jenna/7rTh4cYBjO .

If you would like to host something in the new year please get in touch.

Watch out for more themed events including …….

#teacher5adayLaugh Lorie Dickinson @splozza

#teacher5adaySkillShare Mrs Humanities @MrsHumanities

#teacher5adayWrite Fab English Teacher @FabEnglishteacher, Bukky Yusuf @rondelle 10_b and Kate Sowter @Top_kat1

….. and some special December Christmas based treats.

For all of those who took part in #teacher5adaySketch I am currently in negotiations with a museum to host the 5th viewing of the exhibition following in the footsteps of Haslemere Museum @haslmeremuseum http://www.haslemeremuseum.co.uk/, The Institute of Education, #PedagooHamsphire and #TLT15.

So what are the next steps?

Are you are #wellbeingsuperhero #teacher5adayArtist who would like to share their work in the exhibition?

  • If you would like to send your work to me this month it will need to arrive by Friday the 27th of November to be included in the exhibition
  • My contact address is – Eggar’s School, London Road, Holybourne, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4EQ
  • I’m happy to present your work without a frame as I have non existent budget, however, if you would like a professional look to your work  you could send it framed.
  • If you would like to email your work please send it to martynreah@gmail.com.

With any of the work you share could you please include a description of no more than 140 characters so we can display them in a twitter style.

Finally, it’s never too late to get involved, so if you’ve been inspired by any of these updates the two links below might help –

Healthy regards,


PS watch out for November (surprise) event which we are hoping will catch on during the month as we run towards the first anniversary of #teacher5aday.


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