#PedagooHampshire Session 4 (2.00 – 2.40)

Details for Session 4


Free tickets still available 


Lesley (Room A)

Talking about #teacher5aday and #exercise. My journey with boot camp. Benefits of exercise and work life balance for teachers. How can teachers fit exercise in to busy days.

Amy (Room A)

To provide teachers with an insight into how ‘subtle energies’ affect teachers and the dynamics in the classroom. Learn how tension & hyped up feelings exist in the energy & how these elements change the nature and course of your day. I can share insight on how you can feel less stressed out at the end of the day and how your teaching sessions, team dynamics can be managed with energy awareness through simple, energy management techniques.

Shorny (Room B)

Data is often seen, by some, as an all-consuming and never ending mission that detracts from teaching. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

How can we use data to inform excellent teaching, but also excellent outcomes?

How can we use this ‘beast’ to raise our bar further for every student in our class?

Night Zoo Keeper / Julia (Room C)

100 Word Challenge – exploring creative writing and the power of feedback through an online challenge which is exciting students across the world. It is free to use and very easy to manage and has been improving writing and motivation for learning. Come and find out why children and teachers alike love it!

Rob (Room D)

By the time we meet, we should have a clearer idea of assessment. Levels have gone and with it is our chance to reclaim the profession and allow children to thrive without numbers labelling them. We will look at how I’ve changed assessment during the 2014-15 year, how we are managing it and the most important; how is it impacting upon children’s learning? Join me to discuss this and seize the opportunity to reclaim assessment.

Laura (Room D)

I’ve developed a very successful Progression in Calculation which has been adopted by several primaries around the country. Alongside this we use ‘Progress Drives’ which link to each step. Children in our school are making huge strides in calculation, the backbone of maths, and we’d like to share our ideas with you! Feel free to bring yours to share too!

Dan Powell (Room E)

  1. Why teach coding? We always say at Code Club that teaching children to code is a good thing and brings lifelong learning skills – I’d like to question that with a group of experienced educators.
  1. How can we engage underrepresented communities? Code Club is predominantly for high achieving boys, how can we engage other groups so that we can enable all kids to learn to code.

Kay (Room F)

What makes museum education different? Museum Education uses objects and primary resources such as archived material as the starting point for the learning. This bases the learning in the ‘real’ world and takes it from the theoretical to the practical and gives a reason for the questions that arise. This is particularly relevant in a world that is becoming increasing ‘virtual’. It can also cover many learning styles and is often especially useful for those pupils who have been disengaged with traditional learning in schools


Nat (Room F)

Sharing ideas on ways to use items bought in a pound shop to engage learners


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