#PedagooHampshire Session 3 (1.10 – 1.50)

Details for session 3


Free tickets still available 


Simone (Room A)

A conversation about resilience and wellbeing: where does our resilience comes from, how much of it do we have and how can we use that knowledge to support our wellbeing?

Heather (Room A)

Understanding the impact of the brain’s stress system, developmental attachment and mindset on learning.

Graham (Room B)

High quality teaching is THE important thing but teachers are being overwhelmed by the urgent. CPD is obviously key but much has little impact. Can we find ways to embed high quality learning opportunities within the warp and weft of school life?

David (Room B)

This workshop will explore the huge benefits that can come from empowering middle leaders to deliver a world-class education to their pupils; as well as motivating and rewarding keen and enthusiastic staff. We will also explore initiatives and developments that all teachers can do within their classrooms and departments to improve their personal practice and build experience for the next stage of their careers.

Hugh (Room C)

Demonstrate KS2 dialogue ‘The Snow Queen’ by doing it. Discuss it.

Nikki (Room D)

Basically work done based on Berger’s Ethic of Excellence book. Ideas around high expectations, supportive peer critique, drafting and re-drafting until excellence achieved, having a real audience for student work.

Christian (Room D)

T&L embedding core skills

Mark (Room E)

 A warts and all conversation around a first time head teacher turning a failing school into a good school in 2 years. A reflection of the journey and the high & Lows. What worked what didn’t and how to stay sane!

Mike (Room F)

How to set up and run my collaborative learning model.


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