#PedagooHampshire Session 1 (11.10 – 11.50)

Details for session 1


Free tickets still available 


Debbie – Room A

In this learning conversation, I’ll share 5 essential ingredients to building your resilience, resourcefulness and wellbeing. The tools and techniques will come from key areas of personal and professional development including coaching, mindfulness, & reflective practice. You’ll leave this session with an enhanced toolkit of strategies you can use in school and beyond!

Abbi – Room A

The best schools are those where the students and the staff are jointly supported. In the current educational climate it can be all too easy to get caught up with your own workload and priorities. This learning conversation is about wellbeing and what you can do to boost the wellbeing of those around you. Happy staff equals happy students. Come along for a chat and to share ideas.

Chris – Room B

Do you grow education from the bottom up? Does a top-down model better support progress? Or is somewhere in between better? Exploring the idea of progress in learning.

Hayley – Room B

Collaborating is a wonderful way to enhance your teaching practise. I’ll be talking about the use of twitter (interesting forums and people to follow), blogging and organising a teachmeet.

Geraldine – Room C

I wanted to talk about how we as teachers can give feedback to students that will increase their resilience; give them a focus to increase their effort; and generally promote a growth mindset. I have been trying to give comments on my marking to increase the time and attention that my students give their work and I have been mindful of my language when giving verbal feedback. In this session I would like to talk to colleagues who have tried similar strategies; those interested in growth mindset promotion in students; or those who would like to discuss student feedback and reflection.

John – Room D

Ways I have been using technology to encourage collaborative revision. Practical take-away ideas on how to use in your own classroom.


Bukky – Room D

This session will be a review of revision strategies which students of all abilities can access and use to demonstrate progress.


Andy – Room E

With the imminent arrival of new specifications for GCSE and A level over the next few years, what opportunities are there for departments to reflect on their readings from twitter, their experience of TeachMeets, and their magpie-ing from the cascade of books about teaching that increasing numbers of teachers are writing – to build the best that they’ve come across into their new courses? And how can new course developments take place in a context of squeezed financial resources and recruitment/staffing issues without department heads losing their – heads. Can these ‘challenging initiatives’ be used as a springboard for developing even better courses, whilst keeping sane?


Lindsay – Room F

Exploring how solo taxonomy can be used to support learning and show progress through structured success criteria


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