#teacher5aday exhibition blog extracts – a collective response

I was wondering how to include extracts of the original #teacher5aday blogs into the #teacher5day Exhibition at Truro Town Hall next weekend and decided to plump for a collective approach.

#teacher5aday blog exhibition

I am hoping the original #wellbeingsuperheroes will take a moment to read another superheroes blog and pick out their favourite part (see my example above). If those extracts could be tweeted and emailed to me I thought we could provide some key messages to non twitter teachers and Joe Public in Cornwall and then at the Institute of Eduction as part of the tour.

The original blog is here for reference –


If you could tweet your extract and include #teacher5aday that would be great.

The ppt is here – #teacher5aday blog exhibition

My email address is  – martynreah@gmail.com

Thanks again for being part of the #teacher5aday Art Collective –


Healthy regards,


ps if you didn’t write an original post for #teacher5aday it is not too late and if you want to pick your favourite extract for any blog feel free to get involved. Well-being is not just for January.


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