#teacher5aday art collective


The ideas behind #teacher5aday involve professionals spending more time looking after their well-being so that they can deal with the increasingly challenging job of teaching and support the needs of the students they work with more effectively.

  • Teacher and student well-being are different sides of the same coin.
  • Happy staff + happy students = improved outcomes

How will you #connect #exercise #learn #notice and #volunteer?

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The aim of the #teacher5aday Art Collective is to enable teacher artists to meet fresh audiences through a curated programme of socially engaged art works presented at a variety of locations in 2015.

original #teacher5aday post http://wp.me/p4VbxY-6E

how to get started on #teacher5aday post http://wp.me/p4VbxY-76

The #teacher5aday Art Collective mission is to develop the practice, enjoyment and understanding of Art to benefit well-being in its broadest sense. We aim to enrich our audience’s experience of all types of art gnerated as a result of the #teacher5ady movement through artistic and educational programmes that are distinctive, innovative and challenging.


The objectives will be as follows:

  • To invite submissions and select a programme of works to take place during the year
  • To pursue a systematic fundraising effort to enable all expenses to be met as a minimum
  • To organise a system of invigilation and co-ordination to ensure artists and venues are supported so they have the best opportunity for their work to flourish
  • To organise a summer festival to show case the art made and experienced during the year
  • To support the development of artists and arts practice with teachers through new exhibiting opportunities
  • To develop audiences through exhibition, touring and distribution of work, in both physical and virtual spaces

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