Day 19, 20, 21 and 22 – #28daysofwriting – #teacher5aday – when I got ill at half – term

Closed due to illness.

man flu

Despite spending more time than ever looking after myself this year my half term has involved a dose of the snots.

Each year, in my opinion, the issue of how we deal with preventing illness in school seems to get more in need of some collective attention.

Why do we not spend the time, care and attention that hospitals do educating patients and staff about infection control?

This year our school attendance is down for the first three half terms because of genuine illness.

Should advice not be shared with parents about the impact of this type of non – attendance?

Hospital wards have been closed.

The flu jab hasn’t worked.

Will anything change next year?

I’m not sure.

The message about term time holidays seems to be an easier one to convey.

But is it the answer?


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