Day 18 – 28daysofwriting – Things to do – #teacher5aday exhibition


  1. Follow up with Andy Naylor about joint publicity (John Muir Trust)
  2. Agree final details with Healthy Schools Cornwall
  3. Organise posters with Twinkle – Heather McAvan
  4. Follow up with James Cain – Innovate my school –
  5. Follow up with School Comms –

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact made with:-


Happy at Work Survey – Stephen Tierney

Establish link to #edn1000years with @chrischivers2

Watch our short film about a young man called Josh – John Muir Trust

National news stories

Links to research?

Make your own well-being bags @THE0BALD thanks for the idea!

Virtual Authors display

Optimus Staff well-being pack

#teacher5aday running club events to be advertised

Reducing workload ideas – Every SLT should print this out and stick up on your office wall on Monday morning! … #SLTchat

International perspective – Day 8 of #28daysofwriting is on Hauora – a New Zealand Perspective on Wellbeing…

Found an amazing recipe here…

Well-Being Wheel



Photos and Frames

Videos x4 – nutrition / baking / x2 music

John Muir books

ITL Ed books


Pictures to follow

What written stuff needs to be displayed?

First post?



Next Steps

Agree date with IoE


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