Day 14 and Day 15 – #28daysofwriting – my #teacher5aday ½ term review



Original idea

  • On a professional level (after a year and a term in a new school) building relationships with those students and parents who need it the most is definitely my TOP priority this year
  • On a personal level keeping in touch with friends old and new during term time needs much more attention

katy 9


A selection of follow up phone calls and meetings will dominate my first month back after half term. After establishing a sophisticated data analysis system, using SISRA Analytics, the skill now is to turn our analysis into actions which will make a difference for our key students. Building relationships is central to this strategy. My final job before coming home yesterday was to call our Art students who need to put some extra time and effort into their exam prep over half term. The parents were all grateful that I had taken the time to call. Sometimes, in this modern digital age, old fashioned ideas can still work. The responsibility is with the student (supported by the parent) to return to school with their sketch book up to date. I will be interested to see how this challenge is responded to. (B)

As a result of #teacher5aday new friendships are forming. Old friendships still need some work. More effort is needed to get in touch with my oldest marras. (C)


Original Idea

  • Sporting activity on a Friday in school needs to be resurrected
  • 2015 miles in 2015? Might be worth a try …….

katy 8

I wandered around the newly formed Friday Night Student Badminton Club (FNSBC) yesterday and noticed how practice makes perfect. One game in six weeks really isn’t a good enough contribution from me (G). Friday PM sessions have, as the term gone on, been used to clear my desk in preparation for the weekend, so that more balance can be achieved at home. I noticed that my final two weeks of the term were very busy with a number of late nights. A lack of sleep also impacted on my well-being. More planning next half term is required to keep a check on my need to burn the midnight oil as we approach Easter.

On the other hand morning gym sessions have gone down a storm. A few of us make the effort to get into work an hour earlier than usual to take advantage of our lovely gym at school. Five out of six weeks went well. A blocked pipe put me out of my stride during week five. Conversations range from work to personal. My relationships are stronger as a result. I also feel energised and ready for each new day (A-).

13.02 (to be completed tomorrow – Day 15)



Original Idea

  • I need to learn how to more effectively support those who need it the most
  • Harry Potter and the guitar with number 1 daughter

katy 6

On reflection I’m not sure this is the best target. I know what I intended but it still needed some editing before I started to write this review. During the working day when the half term picked up my time in meetings became less focused as more time was spent dealing with behaviour issues and working with parents. More reactive and less effective. Next term I intend to block out some key writing time after school to keep on top of my workload. My fitbug took me around the school when I became focused on beating my number of steps everyday. Next half term a minimum of one lesson a day will be used to support those who need it most whilst I get around the school more and more (C+).

Harry Potter started well but has slipped in February. This week we start again (B-). The guitar is a complete fail. Best start that again this holiday…..(U).


Original Idea

  • Those around me who need a more considerate approach
  • The importance of spending time thinking and planning what to do when not at work

katy 3

After having a negative experience at my previous school I have worked hard on supporting the teachers at school as often as possible. This has also moved into my #teacher5aday experience on twitter (B).

Getting more organised at home was forced on us after Christmas with a change in childcare arrangements. Viewing these opportunities as a positive has led to an enjoyable half term. I have taken the girls to ballet, football and now gymnastics as well as swimming on a Sunday morning. I’ve felt more involved with them rather than entirely work focused. Hopefully explaining our situation and my daddy day care responsibilities have helped others do the same. I have certainly noticed more family based conversations with my colleagues so far this year. We’ve also eaten more healthy food and I managed a ‘dry’ January. As part of my attempt for a more healthy lifestyle I’m going to challenge myself to a ‘no’ alcohol March. Training for my 10k will be my main focus (B+).


Original Idea

  • To run a new after school homework club linked to our key priorities this year at school
  • Petersfield Under 8 / 6 girls football team and more gymnastics on a Thursday please

katy 5

Still some work to do to supporting students after school. A slight change of approach and morning maths session are making a difference. I’m determined to make this one stick and with twelve weeks until the exams start more revision support will be offered.

Big ticks for my final challenge. Last Monday we played three touch and somehow I’ve ended up taking the sessions. Three out of six weeks I will take the girls to gymnastics next half term to keep my quota up.

(Thanks to @KathyKelliott for the photographs #notice)


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