Day 10 – #28daysofwriting – not enough hours in the day #learn #teacher5aday


Once upon a time someone gave me some advice about organising my time. He said,”don’t book anything into your calendar in the week before the end of a half term”. He explained that the work would find me rather than the other way around.

Lets Do It-Return to work-Full Metal Jacket

Tonight I’m trying to get some quality sleep…

Still working at 10.00 pm and need to do some more….

Even after over a decade of working in four leadership teams I still haven’t go this right …

However I’m going to stop now and get some sleep ….

Tomorrow I will take some notes at the teachmeet (rather than blog about it when i get home).

Key learning today – more smart working needed at the end of term!


Sometimes less is more – thanks Oliver for the idea – all about the edit …

(#notice – how much I enjoyed teaching Drama today)

(#learn – about teaching schools after #volunteer ing to attend a launch of another local version)

(#exercise – running tick)

(#connect – digital leader plans coming together)

Another very healthy day :))



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