Day 8 – #28daysofwriting – #teacher5aday Summer Festival is coming …..


A Summer Festival – 5 months and counting?

What would you include in a summer festival?


My favourite summer pastimes involve outdoor eating and drinking. I also enjoy listening to music in good company.  How about a wander through a quintessential English village and a gentle climb up some rolling hills and back? If you had the chance to share this experience with people who had supported each other for the first half of the year would you be interested?

How about some Art work and some activities to take part in?

What about a chance to learn from each other?

Along with the #teacher5aday Exhibition a number of #wellbeingsuperheroes are busily planning the #teacher5aday Summer Festival. With something to plan for and think about that is longer than a few weeks away, will this give all concerned a reason to continue thinking about their well-being? An excuse to have a different conversation that isn’t student focused.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see included please get in touch. We are currently investigating accommodation after booking a venue for a “July the 4th” themed extravaganza. If you have a musical talent you would like to share the bill is filling up quickly. Do you know a budding comedian who would like to do a turn or two? What about teachers in your school who don’t know about #teacher5aday but might benefit? Could you tell them the story so far?

So get your pencil out and find July in your diary. Think about the warmer times ahead and pencil in the #teacher5aday Summer Festival.  Give yourself something to plan for and a chance to look after you.


PS We are also looking into a more scientific approach to measure the impact of #teacher5aday on your well-being. We promise no lab style experiments so again if you would like to get in touch don’t be shy and make contact. #volunteer


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