Day 7 – #28daysofwriting The #teacher5aday exhibition is ON!!!


With the support of Healthy Schools Cornwall (CornwallHSTeam @CornwallHSTeam) I am pleased to announce the first #teacher5aday exhibition will take place between the 14th-16th of March at a secret venue in Cornwall.


During January, the first month of #teacher5aday, #wellbeingsuperhero teachers shared their achievements under the five well-being banners of #connect #notice #exercise #learn and #volunteer. As the month progressed talented teachers produced amazing working. In the process of balancing their time spent on their well-being superb photographs, fantastic paintings, amazing writing and even a couple of songs were created.

So what are the next steps?

Are you are #wellbeingsuperhero who would like to share their work?

  • If you would like to send your work to me this month it will need to arrive by Friday the 6th of March
  • My contact address is – Eggar’s School, London Road, Holybourne, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4EQ
  • I’m happy to present your work in a frame but I have a limited budget. If you could send your work framed that would be fantastic. (Hoping to keep costs to a minimum).
  • If you would like to email your work send it to
  • If you see me at a teachmeet before then I am happy to take anything you would like to share e.g. 11/2/15 #tmsotonuni 25/2/15 #tmi2i

With any of the work you share could you please include a description of no more than 140 characters so we can display them twitter style.

More information to follow, but it’s official, the exhibition is ON!!!!!

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