Day 5 – #28daysofwriting Why I think Parents’ Evenings are Ace #teacher5aday #notice #learn


Do you come home after a Parents’ Evening feeling energised?

Do you feel the same boost that you get after watching your students do an amazing piece of performing arts or when they play to the best of their ability in a sports fixture?


Is it nearly like the August buzz after results day?

Or when a field-trip has gone really well?

Or like any of those ‘events’ that make your school a special place?

Trying to explain to non-teachers why I do job is difficult occasionally. What is my motivation?

Today is one of the reasons I do my job. To be part of a great event.

Today we have finished Year 9 Parents’ Evening. Everything runs smoothly at my current school because that is the way things get done. The parents turn up. The students talk. The teachers listen and share achievements. The majority of people leave with a big smile on their face and are happy to take part.

I really enjoy the evening because I get to watch it. Like a real life soap opera. The amazing staff doing their parents’ evening thing. One big team working perfectly together. I also get a chance to chat to everyone there. What a great way to spend a Thursday night.


(including time distracted by watching South Today and sharing my #teacher5aday ppt)


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