Day 4 – #28daysofwriting my motivation for #teacher5aday


My original reason to start blogging was to share some of my experiences as a teacher. My career started in 1994 and I have worked in six schools. I have now worked in four leadership teams over the past eleven years.  I was also keen to express a view about some on the negative experiences I have had in my career to date, but this has taken some time to build up to.


As a blogger I noticed after a while that it was great to be able to share what I do, but I also realised quickly that I enjoy giving others a voice. I think my networking skills have improved since the early nineties, when I was taught very early on in my career by some excellent teachers, that working in partnership with others is a healthy way to approach life in education.

Today is my 6th year anniversary on twitter.  The networking that this ‘world’ has offered me has provided some of the best professional learning opportunities of my twenty plus years.  It is also a very notable day for other reasons and seems the right time to share some more of my motivation for developing an idea about improving my well-being and that of other teachers.

I know that as a leader I am not perfect. I know that I make mistakes. I have also had the good fortune of working with great teachers who have told me when I get things wrong. Without having met those people, who were skilled enough to get me to listen to their opinion about my working practices; I would not be the person I am today. I would just like to point out again that I’m not perfect.

Acknowledging that there is another way to do things is a key skill for a leader.

The ability to say sorry and mean it is vital.

To care for and support the people you work with is much more important than your ability to create a spreadsheet or your ability to write an email.

Spending time with people who share these views or work in this way is why I am in education.

To complete documents about key performance indicators does not float my boat.

The temptation to vent my spleen about the negative experiences I have had  was huge when I started blogging. To tell people how bad things had become. Instead the great teachers that I have met in my career picked me up and sorted me out. Instead of whinging and whining I decided to be positive and share good news stories. First was #sharingiscaring. Then #teacher5aday came along.

To quote a voice form my past ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.

Today was a good day.




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