Day 2 – #28daysofwriting #volunteer #teacher5aday


Under 8’s Girls Football / After School Clinics and Morning Maths

Today is transfer deadline day. Not that any of our under 8s are that bothered. The squad includes girls aged 5 and upwards and has grown from less than 10 last season to more than 30 this year. They play for fun and even at 29F this evening they play with a smile on their faces. Their skills are developing and their desire to improve is obvious to all who observe.


Now that I have volunteered to help out a Monday feels like a day to look forward to. Like an extension of the weekend.  We rush in from school to get changed quickly and off out. I made a number of excuses last season to avoid getting involved thinking that it was better for the girls to do something on their own rather than with me taking part as well. Accidently (??!!) I’ve found myself helping out this year and it’s not been a problem for me or the girls.

On the work side I have decided to spend more time working with our Year 11s this year, both after school and during tutor times. We’ve started a countdown to the exams with 14 weeks to go until they start. The prep for the Art exam and mock English / Maths exams are our short term targets with an attempt to do an extra 8 hrs a week in school of supported study. I wonder sometimes how they will cope with the pressure as it increases.  A couple of hurdles have delayed our start and a change of approach is required to encourage more to take part in after school activities. Another set of conversations are required with both parents and students to agree what the next steps are to help out with the revision process.

The contrast is stark. The youngsters will turn up whatever the weather to get better at what they do. Some of the older students find it difficult to keep going to reach their goals.

When does that change happen? I’m not sure I understand the reasons why anymore?



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