Day 1 – #28daysofwriting


I like a challenge.

My ability to stick with a longer term challenge has always been an issue. Distracted from #sltchat by a superb idea from Tom Barret @tombarrett I have decided to start my attempt at 28 posts in 28 days.


The first question which came to mind was where will I find the time? The answer, quickly shared after a short discussion, was that I could spend less time on twitter. Good point well made.

The next question is what will I write about?  Under the banner of well-being I thought I could continue my adventure with #teacher5aday. The titles of #connect, #learn, #notice, #exercise and #volunteer could provide some structure to my ramblings. Or what I prefer to describe as “my mind like a butterfly”. And practice makes perfect.

Tom talks of writing chunks in his post, describing 28 minutes as a manageable amount of time to be creative but not to look for perfection. He also explains how blogging has improved his network of supportive colleagues.

(Putting the start time at the top of this post and the finish time at the end is also focusing my mind).

When I started blogging it felt like therapy and as I sit and type I can feel a calmness again. Committing my thoughts to paper really does help my coping strategies. My first reactions when set a challenge can be anxiety based. I won’t be able to do this. I can never stick with anything. With the help of an amazing bunch of #wellbeingsuperheroes I have had the best January in a long time .

So let’s see what the next 27 days will bring……



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