my #teacher5aday review – Martyn Reah – @martynreah

Well here we are on the other side of January and what a month it has been.


My #teacher5aday has given me permission to think about me and not feel guilty. If I’m looking after myself more than I will be happier in work and be more effective at what I do. Thinking about my last double lesson on Friday, working with my CoPE class, we laughed a lot. In fact I’ve laughed a lot all month.

I think happy teachers + happy students = improved results.

I’ve also talked a lot more with people about things to do with my well-being because I’ve noticed the impact it can have. I’ve really enjoyed and looked forward to checking in each night with how others have done as part of their pledge to look after themselves.

I’m a stone lighter.

Running at least four times a week and spending much more time in the kitchen, thinking about what we eat as a family, has helped a lot. My FitBug must also take some of the blame. Making sure I do more than 15,000 steps a day keeps me focused on getting “out and about” more.

In school and at home.

I think every CPD budget should be top sliced for a FitBug each for the teachers in your school. I now talk about the number of miles we walk in our classroom / per day with some teachers at our place.

I’m a lot happier than last year and definitely the year before that. That could be down to securing my latest job on a permanent basis but I also think that the connecting I’ve done on the back of #teacher5aday is making a massive difference.

The response from the #wellbeingsuperheroes has been amazing and I have been truly humbled by the support great teachers have offered each other. To look at the hashtag and scroll back through January, the month of teacher well-being, gives me goose bumps.  As did reading Abbie’s (Abigail Mann@abbiemann1982) end of January update today .

So what happens next?

#teacher5aday is like getting a dog for Christmas. It’s here now and it stays!!


Lots of plans are in place for life after January. Like “Life after Levels” but more interesting.

The collective participation and sharing has provided all with some public accountability as well as support. Some superheroes had plans for a year-long push on their well-being at the start of the month. More have joined in with that view as the days have flown by. I will continue to check out the hashtag every day to see how things are going because it does wonders for my well-being.

Can you help more teachers to ….

  • #connect
  • #exercise
  • #learn
  • #notice
  • #volunteer  ?

Could the same framework help your students?

What about any other adults you know who aren’t teachers?

Woking with Cornwall Healthy Schools and The Institute of Education the #teacher5aday exhibition looks like it has some legs. Another #tlt14teaparty is pencilled in for March and a #teacher5aday TeachMeet will happen in the summer term.

On a personal note I still need to make sure I get more sleep. I need to make more of an effort with my oldest friends and get back on the badminton court on a Friday.

Cheers to a healthy 2015.

See you on the other side …..


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