my #teacher5aday – R Higgs – @MissRHiggs

In the last year I’ve moved house, had a baby and started a new job and these three things were all within 6 months!

I’ve found it really difficult going back to work after 5 months at home within my son. Before he was born I would spend quite a lot of my time either at school, thinking about school or working on school work. All of a sudden there was a little person taking up a massive amount of my time, and whilst other people I knew were still off on maternity, I was going back to work and feeling terrible about it. I just didn’t feel like I had enough time to do everything, I felt like I was being a bad mother by not spending all my time with my son. Also, starting a new job meant I was out of my comfort zone; being faced with new routines and a new set of colleagues who didn’t know me, I felt like I had something to prove.

The last term has been quite hard, so when Martyn asked me to do the #Teacher5aday I initially thought ‘not another thing to do’, but, I’m so glad I started doing it! It has made me realise and appreciate all the positives in my life, I have accepted there’s nothing wrong with not staying late at school. I shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Conversely, there’s nothing wrong with going into school early or working at home when it’s needed. I have no reason to feel bad!

I feel like I’ve come back after the Christmas holidays thinking about #Teacher5aday feeling recharged, refreshed and ready. My first week back at school has gone really well, mainly because I’ve been prepared and this allows me to enjoy the evenings with my son and husband guilt free.

So here is my #Teacher5aday


I want to get fit this year and get back to how I looked before my son.Long walks with family

Friday running club (Glow walk in February?)

Aqua aerobics with friends (#connect)


Get involved with #tmbohunt


I’ve already removed facebook from my phone and instead of looking at that am trying to call people or write them an email. I think I spend too much time just looked at what people are doing without actually connecting with them. I would like to connect with my new colleagues more, maybe run a cake club it was really successful and good fun in my old school. Who doesn’t love cake!


I would like to start using solo again in my classes I felt really enthusiastic about this before my maternity leave and now that I’m feeling more settled feel like it’s something I could throw myself into again. I also keep thinking about writing a blog but may have to leave that one till next year!


On my days off with my son I need to notice him and make sure I make the day about him I can always go into work early and stay a little later but it’s too difficult to both at the same time. I want to notice more around me and improve my photograph or at least take more photos!

I think the most important thing for me is to set small goals. Some weeks will be good and some not so good, but I must remember what the things I love about this job and make the most of my family and friends.


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