My #teacher5aday – Martyn Reah – @martynreah (aged 42 and 1/3)

First of all I would like to thank all of the wonderful teachers who have taken the time to pen their thoughts about their well-being. Hopefully spending some time thinking about themselves has been useful over the last few weeks. I am hoping that those conversations will go back into school to non-twittering teachers and a little more #connect(ing) and #notic(ing) can happen.


I would also like to thank Mark, Tania and everyone who attended the #TLT14teaparty. A more supportive bunch of people you would be lucky to meet.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s contributions over the last few weeks and lots of common themes have emerged. The need to spend time #noticing those around you, friends and family, struck an immediate chord. My #exercise regime has also slipped, along with a few others, and getting back on the track to fitness has got to be worth the effort. I have had that resolution since 1992 so why change the habits of a lifetime?

Achieving a balance between the personal and professional sides of life after twenty years in the job is still very much a work in progress …..


  • On a professional level, after a year and a term in a new school, building relationships with those students and parents who need it the most is definitely my top priority this year.
  • On a personal level keeping in touch with friends old and new during term time needs much more attention


  • Sporting activity on a Friday in school needs to be resurrected
  • 2015 miles in 2015? Might be worth a try …….


  • I need to learn how to more effectively support those who need it the most by spending time with them and asking them
  • Harry Potter and the guitar with number 1 daughter


  • Those around me who need a more considerate approach
  • The importance of spending time thinking and planning what to do when not at work


  • To run a new after school homework club linked to our key priorities this year at school
  • Petersfield Under 8 / 6 girls football team and more gymnastics on a Thursday please

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