2015 – my #teacher5aday

Chris Eyre on Teaching

Having said goodbye to 2014, this is the second part of my #nurture1415 blog. I have themed this around Martyn Reah’s excellent teacher 5 a day theme. (Original post here https://martynreah.wordpress.com/2014/12/06/teacher5aday/) The central idea being that if we pay attention to our own well being then our performance and that of our students will also improve.

Using the 5 headings that have become a theme of the other posts. Here, in order of importance, are my #teacher5aday aims for the year

1. Notice – this is the key one. Since mid-August when term started (the joy of sixth form college life!) I have become so engrossed in peddling the hamster wheel that is full time teaching with middle management responsibilities that I have stopped noticing things both inside and outside of work. From the more trivial cupboard door that needs fixing through to more serious things such as the deterioration…

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