#Teacher5ADay Health and Wellbeing


Consideration of health and wellbeing is of high importance to me. So much so it was the area I chose to write about under the theme of #CaringIsSharing last August http://wp.me/p4cGdC-1B  A theme initiated by the very caring and sharing @MartynReah. Here he is again! This time encouraging us to consider our own and other’s Health and Wellbeing under the theme of #Teacher5ADay http://wp.me/p4VbxY-76.

This is my Plan:


I feel lucky to be connected with so many knowledgeable, collaborative and supportive colleagues already both in the virtual world of twitter and in my professional community / extended community. Connecting is imperative for me both personally and professionally. It challenges my thinking and gives me support and reassurance. Both virtual and real life connections are equally valid and I am grateful for them both. I have been lucky to have met many new colleagues in ‘real life’ whose initial contacts were…

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