Well being #teacher5aday

How can we put policy into practice?

Last March, as my middle son was at the height of the Y6 hype, under pressure from teachers to perform in a test that no-one else will ever care about, and I was drowning trying to meet complex needs of children whose needs could never be met in mainstream, my son said to me,”I am suffering from a malnutrition of love.”

#teacher5aday recognises that we cannot solve all the world’s problems, whatever effort we put in. But we can solve the problem of over work, and we have a duty to ourselves and our families to do exactly that.

So today my meeting with a parent to review how her son’s statement funding should be spent was limited to 25 minutes,ending at 12:59. And the performance at Y8 Assembly by a Y11 clarinet trio , with my advert encouraging Y8 to take up an instrument ( me as third stand…

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