My #teacher5aday



In response to @MartynReah ‘s blog post #teacher5aday I have made some decisions on what changes in my life I can do to improve my own wellbeing. At first I wasn’t sure where to begin. Then I noticed a tweet between @MartynReah and @ChrisChivers2 about art, unbeknown to them in was catalyst for me. Memories came flooding back on all the things I used to do. These were the things I had put to one side due to the demands of teaching. Some of the things I used to like doing were writing poems and short stories, drawing, painting, playing my guitar, gardening and baking. I know it sounds a bit twee but that’s what I enjoyed, it helped me relax. I also remembered I’d promised myself I would learn to play the piano and the drums!

Obviously I realised I couldn’t do everything so I decided I was going to pick…

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