guest blog post #53 – lucy reah – @MissStubbytoes

Teacher. Mum of three. No time for a wee! (getting the balance right)

Some days it gets to 3.15 and I realise that I haven’t even been. I manage to sort this out briefly before a manic two-hour rehearsal. I love being busy but like anyone I drop a few balls and sometimes I still beat myself up for it – but I’m learning that this doesn’t help.


I chose to go back to work full-time after having each one of our lovely girls. Not for money, in fact there would probably be no difference if I went part-time but because I love wearing both hats and I love that I sometimes wear both at the same time. For example E, M and I came to a rehearsal the other day and the lines of teacher and mum blurred. It’s good though for the students to see the mum side and for my daughters to see the teacher side.

I’m very happy in both settings; with my husband and my children and making a difference to lots of other children’s lives. Don’t get me wrong there are times when stress can set in or I can forget things (such as picking my children up from nursery and thinking I’m the worst mother in the world or even forgetting that they are in the back of the car and driving them into school with me!).

As part of our drive to improve results and manage the stress of exams I have introduced my yr 11’s to  #100happydays. I can only share this idea if I model it (or at least try to model it!!). It wasn’t surprising that a number of them thought it wasn’t possible at one of the most stressful times in their lives. Many, however, were happy to try #100(not consecutive)happydays!

One of them spoke to me yesterday and unprompted said that they were actually trying this new positive outlook.

As much as I teach them, I learn a lot from them and my own children.

It’s amazing what a 3, 5 and 7-year-old can teach me and make me a better teacher!


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