guest blog post #52 – Ben Sudjaitham – @opsonise

 Unleashing the power and potential of learners – SOLO framework @Opsonise

I still have a lot to learn about being a leader, but this much I know about how to build capacity of the learners (pupils, our science team, TAs…).


In this post, I want to share with you our ongoing work @SBonnellSchool Science to develop a curriculum for student-centred learning. I hope that you will find this reading useful.  I intend to show you visually:

The impact of using SOLO as framework for creating Science CPD & Student Learning Plan

  1. Practical use of SOLO framework at classroom level
  2. Practical use of SOLO for creating student-centre leadership within science

Outcomes so far:

  • Increased learner participation and independence in class
  • Increased collaboration of the science team
  • Accelerated learning for lower band classes through SOLO for differentiation
  • Accelerated learning of TAs, now teaching many lessons
  • Simplifying and clarifying departmental planning

To start off, I feel that these two quotes really capture what we are about.

  • We don’t need another hero. It takes the whole staff to inspire children’ Professor Viviane Robinson, IoE 2013
  • ‘don’t teach my child science; instead teach my child how to learn science-or history or maths or music.’ (Sir Ken Robinson, Why School?

Impact of SOLO for differentiation on building capacity of lower band students 

Now producing higher level work and continuously working on skills for achieving grades C/B.

solo 2 solo 3

solo 3solo 4solo  14

An example of a student-led learning plan and impact on science departmental CPD

Science TAs are skilled enough to plan and teach a science lesson with coaching. This is evidenced by students producing high level work and good delivery of lessons.

This learning plan was developed with student’s help prior to my lesson observation. Students took turn to lead on the delivery of this lesson with coaching.

solo 7solo 8

An example of departmental planning

solo 11solo 10solo 9


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