guest post #29 – Rachel Smith – @lancslassrach

The New Boy

Have you ever been the new boy?  I guess we all have at sometime or other.  Changing school is a challenge.   Even if you have been teaching since the dawn of time moving to a different school can be tough and stressful.  You a greeted by a sea of new faces both in the staffroom and in the classroom, you are trying to figure out which support staff does what job and you are no doubt learning how to get back to your new office from the staffroom/library/canteen as quickly as possible.  Moreover, you are probably learning all about your new role on the job.

Choosing a partner

#As a new member of staff life for the first time might be daunting so, as the old hand, the “Mrs part-of-the-furniture” remember to show your caring side. As the new boy, sitting awkwardly in the staff room waiting for the weekly briefing to start the relief you feel when some comes and says “Hello you must be New Boy I’m Mrs part-of-the-furniture, how was your weekend?” is overwhelming.  Not only that when someone invites you to sit at the staff table in the canteen you no longer feel like that spare screw in the Ikea flat pack.

Sharing is caring, remember how you felt when you moved to a new place of work.  Make new members of staff feel welcome, it doesn’t take much and it will help to ease their stress and will make you feel all warm and cuddly inside.


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