guest post #27 – Sophie Skinner – @Miss_Skinner

‘Take everything you can’ they said to the new PGCE students as we ventured off to our first placement a whole year ago. Sharing certainly has helped care for me and as a new teacher it has made my journey into teaching one that hasn’t all been spent trawling through internet sites for resources. Twitter, the edu-blog world and the great departments I have been a part of have done this selflessly and without the promise of something in return.


Many others have spoken of the brilliant networks that are developing for sharing the good stuff. The good lessons. The good resources. The good strategies. The good ideas. The success stories. But I wanted to highlight the sharing of the bad stuff too. I have struggled to control the behaviour of a tough year eight group over the past week. Upon sharing with my department, we discovered they were poor across the classes, and something must be done. But we did it together. We shared the bad stuff, opened our doors to each other and are working on stamping it out before they get a hold on the year.  A colleague and I team-taught the lesson today, because we are a department that’s in it together. Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that soon enough, there’s less bad and ugly to share!


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