guest post #25 – Crista Hazell – @CristaHazell

I have always been very fortunate to have some truly amazing people around me who have given their time, advice, experience and incredible patience becoming unofficial mentors who taught me to share what was on my mind to reach a solution to best support students, other teachers and my sanity rather than bottle it up to think about later. It has helped me to become a better teacher, middle leader and human!


I do my utmost to find the time to ask anyone and everyone; students and colleagues, NQTs to Site team, ICT manager to delightfully hardworking TAs and the lovely cleaner in my classroom how they are, taking the time to listen to what they say in response. I find that people are so open and are happy that they get the chance to talk, sadly often surprised at the opportunity.

Friday mornings in the MFL office has become an unofficial meeting space for staff who come to share experiences about their week, asking for advice or help, asking which ‘pedagogical book’ to read next, sharing new resources or blogs found on Twitter or just a ‘cuppa’ and chance to catch up and learn from each other. I love the fact that we have NQTs through to SLT calling in and joining in the discussions, I feel so lucky that I learn something new every day through sharing. It’s so exciting and we are all fired up for the day ahead.

Sharing is important, it’s fun and it shows you care, plus you never know what you will learn.




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