guest post #24 – Andy Teague – @MrTeagueSci

First of all let me thank Martyn for allowing me to be a guest blogger on this particular topic. I strongly believe sharing is caring, not only for the colleagues involved but also the ethos of the school. Working collaboratively is (in my humble opinion) what teaching should and is about.


Sharing classroom ideas and strategies is a perfect way to develop as individual staff members but also as a staff on the whole. I found it so useful to bat ideas off my colleagues about ideas they had for certain topics and what they had done previously. I don’t think I would have made it through my first year if I hadn’t. The attendance of several teachmeets and a teaching and learning takeover however, was what most inspired me to get out there and really push myself to get involved with not just my own school but also contacting friends from other schools as well to ‘nick’ ideas from them.


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