guest post #22 – Matthew Pullen – @Mat6453

Sharing ideas and work has been a big part of my teaching from the start.  I never quite understood why so many teachers were protective over their resources.  It was always my thinking that ALL students should be taught with the BEST resources available.  This will only be achieved through communication and collaboration.


With that in mind, through my use of twitter and on my blog I try to document my ideas and practice so that others may benefit.  Not to say that my ideas are the end point but I hope that they may give others the inspiration to try something different, or to take my idea and make it better.

Twitter and blogging have been really transformational to me in how I approach my job.  It would be easy to just take things from twitter and use them in my practice but ethically, it’s wrong.

I like to make sure that I give back as much as I take and always try t make myself approachable to discuss ideas or to help others.  Twitter is such a powerful tool to support this.

If you don’t already blog then I urge you to make a start, it is such a positive tool for personal development.

Here are a couple of starting tips.

  1. Keep your initial blogs short.  Just an overview of something you are trying or want to try.
  2. Add images where possible to bring the words to life.
  3. Be honest, I try to admit my failures as much as successes.
  4. Reference others if you have found their work of use to you.

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